Diploma in Leadership, Governance and Human Rights

Would you like to gain a qualification from The University of the South Pacific (USP) that can further enhance your career?

Do you want to learn about Leadership, Governance and Human Rights?

This is a great study program for people working in, or aspiring to work in government or non-governmental organisations. People living and working anywhere in the Pacific region can study the Diploma without leaving home, because the Diploma is offered both on the Laucala Campus in Suva and by distance education.

The Diploma in Leadership, Governance and Human Rights program was launched at the start of 2013. It was developed by the Pacific Regional Rights Resource Team (RRRT) of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community in partnership with USP.

The programme is designed for people working or volunteering in roles with a community or social development focus. This means the Diploma will be ideal for:

  • staff of government departments that have a community role, for example, welfare, child protection, police or corrections,or a social development role such as youth affairs, women’s affairs, family welfare, social welfare, and so on;
  • staff of development agencies and regional organizations working in roles with a community development focus;
  • people working or volunteering in non-government organisations, faith-based organisations or community organisations that are devoted to supporting people in difficult circumstances and to building stronger communities; and
  • people living and working in remote or rural locations.


Admission Qualifications

The Diploma will be at the undergraduate level. It will be open to people in the region that have either:

  • passed a Form 7 exam; or
  • meet the University’s mature age admission requirements (23 years and over).

USP applies its mature age admission requirements to people aged 23 and over. It considers how much schooling they have done, whether they have at least three years of relevant work experience and whether they are likely to be able to succeed in the Diploma.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can people study the Diploma part-time?

Yes. People will be able to study the Diploma part-time or full time. By studying part-time, people will be able to maintain their regular work or volunteering schedule.

How long will the Diploma take?

It depends how many courses you do in a year. The course duration is 18 months full-time and up to six years part-time and depends on whether you do the course full time or part time.

What will the Diploma cover?

Students will gain knowledge, learn new skills and improve their career prospects. Graduates will be better able to communicate ideas, problem-solve, analyse arguments, research new topics, provide leadership, and contribute to effective development in their communities and organisations. Through their work in the Diploma, they will learn about

  • how to be effective leaders;
  • how governance works and why good governance is important for all organisations – small, medium and large;
  • human rights – what they are, where they come from, and why they are important;
  • ethics and why ethical behavior is important in professional and personal life;
  • how to conduct research and build a case for change;
  • how to communicate effectively; and
  • basic financial management to assist with reading accounts and developing budgets.

What courses make up the Diploma?

The twelve courses in the Diploma are:

  • DG100 Introduction to Leadership, Governance and Human Rights
  • DG101 Principles of Good Leadership and Governance
  • DG102 Laws, Legal Systems and Access to Justice
  • UU100 Communications and Information Literacy
  • UU114 English for Academic Purposes
  • AF100 Introduction to Accounting and Financial Management for the non-specialist
  • PL101 Politics of Development
  • UU200 Ethics and Governance
  • DG200 Human Rights at Local, National, Regional and International Levels
  • UU204 Pacific Worlds or another approved course
  • DG301 Work Placement / Practical Experience



For all Diploma information, including the next deadline for applications, please email to: lghr(at) or send an email to:

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Coordinator, Diploma in Leadership, Governance and Human Rights

The University of the South Pacific

Laucala Bay Campus

Suva, Fiji Islands

Office: 104B, FBE Building

Tel: (+679) 323-1489

Email: khan_n(at) khan_n(at)

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