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References on the Tongan Constitution

Compiled by Guy Powles and published online by the Emalus Campus Library

The Constitution of Tonga (1875) , as amended and revised to 1988.

Introduction to Governance in Tonga

Tonga (CIA Factbook)


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Four recent court judgments concerning the roles of the branches of Government (the King, Privy Council, Legislative Assembly and Courts) under the Constitution, and its interpretation.

Lali Media Group Ltd v Lavaka Ata [2003] TOSC 30; C 0219 2003 (26th May, 2003) [whether the courts can review the authority of the King in Privy Council to make orders-in-council and ordinances]

'Utoikamanu v Lali Media Group Ltd [2003] TOCA 6; CA 04 & 10 2003 (25th July, 2003) [appeals from the above Supreme Court decision]

Taione v Kingdom of Tonga [2004] TOSC 48; CV 374 2004 (15th October, 2004) [whether an amendment to the Constitution concerning 'freedom of press' was itself unconstitutional]

Flyniu v Ata [2004] TOSC 49; CV 575 2004 (15th November, 2004) [whether the courts can review the type of decision (to introduce a 'one airline' policy) made by the Government in this case]


24 September 2005

2005 Peter Murgatroyd & Guy Powles
Last updated 17 October 2012

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