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Vanuatu Legislation and Law Reports

Historical collections

New Hebrides Condominium Joint Regulations - 1907-1957; 1958-1967; 1968-1973


Joint Regulations of Vanuatu - 1974-1976, 1977-1979; 1980

British Regulations and Subsidiary Legislation in Force on 22 September 1971

British Laws of the New Hebrides - 1975; 1977; 1978

The British Laws of the New Hebrides - End date: 22 September 1971

Finance Regulations of the Republic of Vanuatu (Published by Department of Finance: Republic of Vanuatu (1993))

French Laws in the Nouvelles-Hébrides

Compiled from Le Journal Officiel de la Nouvelle-Caledonie et Dependances (Marcin Pruss and Prof. Don Paterson). The collection is bound in 6 (blue) volumes: 1901-1929; 1930-1939; 1940-1949; 1950-1959; 1960-1960; 1970-1980.

French Laws applicable to New Hebrides: private collection complete up to 1950's.
French Laws relating to: Joint Naval Commission 1886; Convention 1906; Protocol 1914.

UK Laws in the New Hebrides


  • Queen’s Regulation, No. 3 of 1976, High Court of the New Hebrides


O'Connell, D. P. "The Condominium of the New Hebrides." British Yearbook of International Law, Vol. 43, pp. 71-146 (1968-1969). (Access requires USP credentials.)

The New Hebrides: A Doubly Oppressed Colony.

A History of Vanuatu: Selected Readings

Vanuatu's Colonial Past: an Archive of Newspaper Clippings from 1883 to Independence

One hundred years of the Nouvelles-Hébrides: French-language newspapers from the National Library of France

Keith Woodward, A Political Memoir of the Anglo-French Condominium of the New Hebrides (2014) (download via Australian National University)

Gry Krath Johansen, Yu Blong Wea? An anthropological study of Vanuatu land struggle (Master’s Thesis in Anthropology, University of Copenhagen) (Spring 2012)

Miriam Vurobaravu, Commentary on Joint Court of the New Hebrides

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