Thesis Deposit Procedures -  Emalus Campus

Procedures for Deposit of USP Theses with the Library


In 2003, the Academic Committee approved the Library as the legal depository for USP theses in print and electronic formats.

Within the regulations, a student must deposit, through the Faculty, a minimum of one hardbound copy and the electronic copy with the USP Library at Laucala Campus.

The location of the student will determine the number of hardbound copies to be deposited with the University as outlined in the section in the USP Calendar under Presentation of Thesis or Supervised Research Projects for Higher Degrees USP Calendar.

On receipt of the one hardbound and the e-copy of the thesis by the Library at Laucala Campus, the Registrar is informed and on this basis, the Award is granted.

As a result of the Library’s experiences in 2004-2005, the Library has put in place procedures to streamline the process.


  1. The AA in the Faculty, School or Division should advise/refer post-graduate students of that section of the USP Calendar titled Presentation of Thesis or Supervised Research Projects for Higher Degrees USP Calendar (2006): 399-400.
  2. Each copy of the hardbound thesis, that the student deposits with the Faculty, must be accompanied by one set of the following documents:
  3. The case containing the electronic copy of the theses, CD or DVD, must be appropriately labeled i.e. information as stated on the title page of the thesis.
  4. The Faculty AA forwards the theses, accompanied by a covering memo, on Faculty letterhead, to the University Librarian, who will then inform the Registrar of its receipt.
  5. The Library at Laucala will receive hardbound copies for delivery to the Alafua and Emalus Campus Libraries, where applicable, and should be indicated in the memo from the Faculty.


USP Library

3 April, 2006



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