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Identifying your skills

There are many types of work that are out there so having the required skills to do the required job is a very important attribute that a person must have. There are many types of skills that employers always look out for. Specialized skills are skills that a person may specialize in like,

         Medical skills

         Computer Programming skills

         Technical based skills

Then there are skills that you may have learnt through the years which could be utilized well in your new job. The skills that you transfer from your past experiences are often referred to as transferable skills and few of these skills are listed below

         Community based skills

         Socializing skills

         Interpersonal skills

         Liaison skills

         Communication skills

         Mediation skills

         Computer and numeracy  skills

So when you are writing your application letter try to be as concrete as possible and justify those skills by having real life examples in your letter of application and applying those skills where necessary. Employers are always looking out real life experiences. When employers advertise their vacancies they nearly always include the above requirements in their advertisements which applicants must have.

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