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Words to use in your CV

A CV is an important tool which you can use when applying for a job. So it is important that the best words are used in the preparation of this important package of information which is your CV.

1.  Here are some words which depict your communication skills

      Corresponded, distributed, edited informed, presented, recommended, referred, related, promoted.

2.  Some words which may show that you have leadership skills

     Evaluated, supervised, selected, executed, managed, stipulated, delegated, discharged, led, designated

3. Some words which may show that you have organizational skills

        Analyzed, planned, coordinated, recorded, organized, reported, calculated

4.  These are some words which you can use to show that you are results orientated

  Accomplished, completed, predicted, eliminated, produced, prevented, advanced,

5.  You can still use other words for your CV but you must remember that powerful words when you used in the right context makes your CV document stronger and marketable.


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