Current Students

Current Students

Frequently Asked Questions



1. How to become a student?

Apply for admission by completing an online application ( or a manual application form ( which will be assessed for the programme the applicant is applying for. 

2. Where can I get an admissions form? 

You can collect an application form from any of the USP regional campuses or download a form online at 

3. Can I apply online? 

Yes on the following link - 

4. What is the closing date for applying for studies? 

For semester 1, the closing date is 31 December (preceding year)

For semester 2, the closing date is 31 May 

5. If I have other university qualifications can I apply for credit transfer? 

Yes you can by completing an Application for Credit Transfer form available at 

6. What is the difference between original documents and certified true copies? 

Original documents are documents which have original signature and stamp from source, for e.g. birth certificate issued from Registrar General’s office and certified true copies are photocopies but signed and stamp by a Justice of Peace that is a true copy of the original. 

7. I am a form seven student, what documents do I need to submit? 

You will need to submit the following documents either original or certified true copies: 

  • Birth certificate 
  • FSLC results 
  • 2 passport size photos 
  • Also write your external exam index no. (if available by the time you submit your application) 

8. I am a form six student, what documents do I need to submit?

You will need to submit the following documents either original or certified true copies: 

  • Birth certificate 
  • Form six second term examination results 
  • 2 passport size photos 
  • Also provide your external exam index no. ( if available by the time you submit your application) 

9. What if I did not finish high school and only reached form 5 and have had some work experience, can I still apply for studies? 

You can apply for any programme of your choice provided your work experience is relevant to the programme you are applying for with a minimum of three years work experience. 

10. What is the difference between semester and trimester? 

A semester is when the academic year has been divided into two (2) terms. At USP, these 2 terms are of 18 weeks in length.

Trimester is when the academic year has been divided into three (3) terms. At USP, these 3 terms are of 12-13 weeks in length. 

11. What programmes and courses are available? 

Information on courses and programmes available for the academic year can be viewed via the online USP Handbook and Calendar at 

12. How do I know I have been offered a place? 

An applicant that has been accepted to undertake studies at USP will receive an official offer letter of acceptance from the University. 



1. If I receive my offer letter, can I defer my studies to another semester?

Yes you can defer your studies; however you will need to reapply for admissions as a non-starter.

2. Can I change my programme after I have enrolled? 

Yes you can but you must ensure that the courses you have enrolled for are applicable to your new programme. If not, you will have to ensure that you add and drop courses within the official deadline to change courses. Sponsored students must note that an official sponsor’s letter of approval for a change of programme must be provided with the Request to Change Programme form.

3. How do I register for my courses? 

Once you have your offer letter, you are given your username (Student Number) and password to log into the Student Online Services (SOLS) to register for your courses. URL: 

Once you are able to log in go to “My Registration” and select the courses you intend to study for the given semester.

4. What if the course I want to register for is not available online? 

If you are not able to register for a course online it could be that it is not offered for the semester and 

5. Can I withdraw from a course any time during the semester? 

Refer to the Academic dates at for official dates on the withdrawal of courses without charges as well as information on course withdrawals (with charges) without assessment for your course(s).

6. What are core courses? 

Core courses make up your programme of studies and are compulsory courses that you will need to complete. 

7. How many units are required for a degree level programme? 

Depending on the degree programme you have been accepted to, this will vary. 

  • 24 courses: Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Agriculture (BAGR), Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Commerce (BCOM) and Bachelor of Science (BSC)
  • 31 courses: Bachelor of Arts and Graduate Certificate in Education (BA/GCEd), Bachelor of Science Graduate Certificate in Education (BSC/GCEd) and Bachelor of Commerce Graduate Certificate in Commerce (Bcom/GCEd) 
  • 32 courses: Bachelor of Laws (LLB), Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronics/ Mechanical) 
  • 35 courses: Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws (BA/LLB), Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws in Education (BCOM/LLB) 

8. What is an elective course? 

An elective course is a course that you can register for which is normally from a discipline outside of your major(s) or minor which you must pass as part of your programme. 

9. What is the difference between a major and a minor? 

A major is a discipline in which a student specializes in when studying for a USP degree, for example Mathematics, Accounting, Law or Physics. A minor is a supplementary discipline taken in addition to and in support of a Major. 

Credit Transfers

Credit Transfers

1. How and when do I apply for credit transfer? 

You can apply for credit transfer when you apply for admission into USP. Attach a copy of the credit transfer application form with your admissions application form with the correct supporting documents. 

2. Can I still apply for a credit transfer from another tertiary institute even if I don’t have a certificate/ or diploma? 

Yes you can. The institutes with whom USP accreditation with (these are in the USP Handbook and Calendar), Credit transfer is based on completion of program. Other institutes, you can apply for credit transfer but the following documents (certified copy) are compulsory: 

  • Academic transcript which shows courses taken, grades and grading system 
  • Course description of the courses for which student is seeking credit at USP 

Note, if the above documents are not certified then the credit transfer application will not be processed. 

3. What documents are required when applying for credit transfer? 

If your program has been completed and is on the USP accreditation list, you will need to submit certified copies of your academic transcript as well as your award (Certificate). If you have completed your program and it is not on the USP accreditation list, please refer to question 2. 

4. How will I be notified of the decision of my credit transfer application? 

If your credit transfer has been successful then a letter will be sent to your mailing address. In addition you will be able to view your SOLS account for the units confirmed for credit transfer. If your credit transfer application is rejected or pending then an email notification will be sent to your student email account. 



1. Where can I find my invoice?

After you have registered for your courses for any given semester, on the third week of lectures your invoices will be available on your Finance menu on your Student Online Services 

2. Is there a deadline for fee payments and where can I find this? 

Yes there is a deadline for fee payments and this can be found on your invoice. In addition email 

notices will be sent to your student email accounts to inform you of the fee payment deadlines. 

3. Where do I make payments for my fees? 

You can pay for your fees at your respective USP campuses. For Laucala campus students you can access your invoice on your SOLS account which you will need to print and then use to make payments at the USP cashier or at any ANZ bank, Westpac and Post Fiji branches. 

4. If my student account is on HOLD, what does this mean? 

There are three reasons why your student account will be placed on HOLD that would be due to: 

  • Unsatisfactory Academic Progress 
  • Fees owing – Tuition, general services, accommodation charges, library fine, damage to property fines. 
  • Student Disciplinary penalties and fines  

5. Where do I go to find out what my HOLD details are? 

To find out what your HOLD details are, visit the Student Academic Services office at your local 

campus for assistance. 

6. Where do I pay for my library fines? 

For Library fines please check with the Library for payment arrangements. Also note that only the library can remove HOLDS placed for library fines.  

7. How long does it take for my HOLDS to be cleared? 

For Unsatisfactory Academic progress your hold will be released after your academic suspension period. For any financial hold this will be released within 24 hours once payment is received by the USP cashier. If payment is made at the selected banks instead of the USP cashier then it should take about 72 hours for payments to be cleared and the Hold released by Finance.

8. If I do not pay for my fees on time will I be charged a late payment fee?

Yes, there are late payment charges which will apply should you not pay for your fees by the given deadline. 

9. What are the opening hours for the USP Cashier? 

Laucala campus – Monday to Thursdays: 8.15am to 4.15pm Fridays: 8.15am to 3.45pm  

10. If I am a sponsored student, do I get an invoice? 

Government, AusAid, NZAid and USP (fully) sponsored students you will not be issued invoices for tuition fees. However if you are a residential student on campus, then you will be issued an invoice for your accommodation charges. 

11. Can I pay for my fees in installments? 

Yes you can pay for your fees in installments as long as your full payment is received by the deadline for fees payment. 

12. Do I get a refund if I withdraw from a course? 

If you withdraw from a course by the end of the “add and drop” period, you will not be charged. However if you drop your unit(s) during the semester you will still be charged the full tuition fee. Please refer to the important dates for further information - 

Student ID Card

Student ID Card

1. Why do I need a student ID card?

Your student ID card is to confirm that you are a registered student of the university. This ID is needed in order for you to use facilities provided by the university. For example, if you are to borrow books over night from the Library you will need your student ID card. 

2. How do I get my student ID card? 

For new students you are required to get your ID card during the registration week as outlined in your offer letter. ID cards are processed at the Student Administrative Services (SAS) office. 

3. If my student ID card is lost, how much would a replacement ID card cost? 

For Laucala campus students a replacement ID card will cost you $25. Payment is to be made at the USP cashier and once receipt is issued please visit SAS to get your replacement ID card. 



1. Where can I find my lecture/tutorial timetable? 

You can find your lecture timetable on your Student Online Services account as well as accessing the following link -

2. How do I sign up for tutorials? 

When you attend your first lecture, you will be given your course outline by your lecturer and he/she will inform you when and where to sign up for tutorials. Information on tutorial sign up will also be posted on your moodle account. 

3. What do I do if there is a clash in my lecture timetable? 

If you have a clash in your lecture timetable you can see your course coordinator/lecturer and inform him/her of your situation. They will assess your request and will provide you with an alternative. If however, they are not able to make changes to the lecture timetable then you may have to change your registered courses but this must be done by the Friday of the first week of lectures. 



1. How many campuses does USP have?

USP has a total of 14 campuses for more details on these campuses access the following link:

2. What are some of the student support services available at USP? 

Some of the services provided are as follows: 

3. What if I am interested in research, where do I go for more information? 

University of the South Pacific has a Research office located at Laucala campus. You can visit their website  for more information or contact them on email address research(at) 

4. Can I have mail sent to me while I am a student at USP? 

Yes as long as you are a registered student you can have mail sent to you. For Laucala campus students please use the following in details for your address: 

Student ID
C/- Student Mail
University of South Pacific (Laucala Campus) 

5. What are opening hours for the Library? 

The library has different opening hours for different periods during the year. Click on the following links to view the opening hours for the Libraries at the different campuses. 

Emalus campus -  

6. Where do I go to hire a locker on campus?

If you like to hire a locker you can do this online on SOLS by accessing “My Locker Hire”. If you need to talk to staff for more information on locker hire contact the Campus Life office. 

7. How are students informed of events at USP? 

You will need to check your student mail regularly for updates on events around campus, also the announcement link on the USP web site. Other mediums used are moodle, notice boards and the University Facebook page. 

8. Do I have to carry my student ID card while on campus? 

Yes it is mandatory for you to carry your student ID card while on campus. Security may conduct random checks for students that enter the University premises so it is important you have your ID card with you while on campus.

9. What recreational facilities are available on Laucala campus?

At Laucala campus, the Campus life office manages the Sports and Recreational activities. For more information on what activities are available, click on the following link -

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