People and Contacts at the Pacific Languages Unit -  Emalus Campus

Academic Staff

The current staff of the PLU, with their research interests and other areas of expertise, are:

Professor of Pacific Languages and Director of the Unit

Oceanic languages, especially languages of Vanuatu; history of languages of the Pacific; pidgin and creole languages; language change; dictionaries; orthography design.


Senior Lecturer

Descriptive studies of Pacific languages, especially Polynesian languages and the languages of central Vanuatu; translation theory and practise; linguistic typology; computer applications in language studies.


Assistant Lecturer

English and French as Second/Foreign Languages; multilingualism; Araki (Southwest Santo), Raga (Pentecost) and other languages of northern Vanuatu.



Postgraduate Students


Carol Aru (PG Dip. Ling.)
Véronique Puech (PhD): Multilingualism and Education in Vanuatu

Helen Tamtam (PhD): Literacy in Vanuatu

Hannah Vari-Bogiri (PhD): A descriptive grammar of Raga

Past Graduates

Jane Kanas (PG Dip Ling (1998), MA (2002))

John Tangalobani (PG Dip Ling (2002))


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