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Engaging with our alumni is a significant part of the University of the South Pacific. Therefore, fostering and maintaining communications among Faculty/Staff and alumni is essential. The Alumni Office is here to assist faculty and staff stay connected with our alumni.  

Importance of staying in touch with Alumni
Staying in touch with our alumni may benefit your Faculty/School or Department in many ways. This can include:

  • Enriching your lectures through the involvement of alumni in delivering guest lectures or by sharing their field experiences;
  • Improving your programmes and courses according to the needs in the job market and industries through information and feedback provided by alumni;
  • Strengthening Faculty/School or Department profile in terms of research, recruitment and career mentoring for students; and 
  • Working with Alumni in providing internship or work shadowing opportunities for current students.

Engage with Alumni
There are various ways to engage with your alumni. This can include the following:

  • Host a get-together/reunion;
  • Invite alumni to deliver guest lectures;
  • Invite alumni to participate in survey or focus groups to improve your programmes and courses;
  • Organize a volunteer activity;
  • Encourage alumni to connect with current students through mentoring;
  • Invite alumni to public lectures, conferences, and seminars; and
  • Organize career development seminars for alumni.

Assistance from the Alumni Office
The Alumni Office will provide a number of services to faculty and staff including:

 1. Alumni Contact Information

  • Alumni Office may provide you with contact information of alumni (for those we have current information). Contact the Alumni Office with your request including the intended use of the information and who will access this information. Please note that once you have alumni information, it becomes your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of that information. 
  • Faculty and staff who are USP graduates may also search the online Alumni Directory for alumni information. You must be registered online as Alumni to access online Alumni Directory. 

 2. Promoting News, Events, and Updates

  • Alumni Office may assist in promoting alumni programs and activities organized by you in the Alumni Newsletter, social media, and Alumni website.
  • Provide space in the Alumni Newsletter and USP Beat for your Faculty/School news and updates. 

3. Alumni Chapters/Groups/Networks

  • Alumni chapters/groups/networks, hereafter referred to as “alumni groups”, may exist for your Faculty or School’s academic programmes.The Alumni Office could assist you connect with these alumni groups by providing the contact information of the alumni group officers. 

How you could assist the Alumni Office?

1. Alumni Contact Updates

  • To ensure continuous communication with our alumni, please assist us keep the alumni database up-to-date and accurate. Please forward any contact details you receive from an alumnus to the Alumni Office. 
  • Alumni are encouraged to update their information by accessing their online account. Alumni must be registered through Alumni website to use this feature. 
  • Please encourage your alumni to register online if they haven’t done so already. 

2. Alumni News and Updates

  • Alumni are often in touch with their Faculty/School and share their personal and professional information. Please share these news and updates with the Alumni Office. With the permission of the alumni, we may publish the news in the Alumni Newsletter, social media, Alumni website or USP Beat.

3. Alumni events and activities

  • Please keep the Alumni Office informed of all alumni events and activities organized by your Faculty/School. 
  • Forward any photos from alumni events to the Alumni Office for inclusion in the photo gallery on the Alumni website as well in the Alumni Newsletter and social media. 

Feel free to contact the Alumni Office with any queries or suggestions you may have.

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