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2013 ODN Biennial Conference

Addressing Inequality and Promoting Inclusive and Sustainable Development

11th - 12th September 2013

Hosted by: The University of the South Pacific, Fiji


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Addressing Inequality and Promoting Inclusive and Sustainable Development

Pacific Island countries (PICs) are facing significant challenges to address the low economic growth with heightened vulnerabilities from the impact global economic crises. Specifically, PICs are contending with pressures from increasing fuel and food prices and this has led to significant inflationary pressures in many of the countries. Many PICs did put in some innovative social protection policies in the aftermath of the global economic crisis and were able to cushion the adverse impact on the poor and the vulnerable. Even, where growth has been better such as those in Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea, the trickle down to the poor and vulnerable has not been significant. In these and others, poverty levels remain a major concern and a search for inclusive growth remains one of the key policy priorities. 

This conference provides an overview of the issues in the Pacific islands with respect to inequality, poverty and social protection policies. We encourage papers that provide robust scholarly analysis that may focus on social protection policies; poverty and inequality with respect to different countries in the region and what inclusive growth means in the Pacific. In keeping with an ODN understanding of development in the Pacific, the conference papers will also appeal to an inter-disciplinary audience.

Objective of the Conference

The Oceania Development Network (ODN) is a regional network of the Global Development Network (GDN) and its purpose is to provide a platform for researchers in the region to interact with each other, share knowledge and skills to foster team research, and build and update regional databases. The network will identify contemporary issues that underpin the development agenda of the Island states and carry out research and organise conferences geared at developing and refining policies.

The ODN biennial conference will provide Pacific researchers with a platform for networking, increasing their visibility and showcasing their research. ODN will place completed research papers funded and supported through ODN on ODN’s website and update the list on a regular basis; the regional window will also be used to disseminate completed and working research papers. Information on newly completed research studies will be distributed through the ODN email list. 

Theme for the 2013 ODN Biennial Conference

The theme for the 2013 ODN Biennial conference is: “Addressing Inequality and Promoting Inclusive and Sustainable Development”. The conference will be held in Fiji, in September and it is hoped that a number of new and emerging researchers, after the annual global GDN conference in June 2013, will be in a better position to share their research findings 

The ODN invites development researchers, academics, policy analysts and policy makers, facilitators for governments, and staff of international financial institutions, donors, and non-state-actors to submit abstracts (not more than 300 words) of papers to be presented in the following broad thematic sessions (but not limited to):

  • Addressing inequality: conceptual and measurement issues
  • Multidisplinary dimensions of inequality
  • Opportunities for equality: Pacific  perspectives 
  • Promoting equality and inclusive  development: Pacific experiences
  • Pacific voices on gender, inequality and social protection
  • Structure and opportunities for change: Promoting social protection for inclusive development in the Pacific 
  • Do Pacific policies promote inclusive development and social protection? Lessons learned and key challenges
  • Sectoral experiences in  social protection and inclusive development 
  • Inequality, social protection and inclusive development in the context of post 2015 development agenda

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