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Rajneesh Lata Charan

What is your home country? 

What programme did you graduate in and in which year? 
Diploma in applied computing, year 1989
Diploma in Management Studies, year 1996
Master of Business Administration , year 2000

What was your most memorable moment as a student? 
The most memorable moment as a student has been graduating from the University for the first time in 1989.

Describe your experience while studying at USP.
I had wonderful experience studying at USP because it is one of the south pacificís leading institutions of higher learning with outstanding scholars, rich academic resources, and it is in par with other overseas universities. Also its curriculum is professional and very well structured. 

What was your greatest achievement while studying at USP?
My greatest achievement while studying at USP was achieving an MBA on a part-time basis, juggling with family, work and studies.

After graduating from USP, what were some of the highlights of your career?
I was just a Systems Analyst Programmer at the Fiji Sugar Corporation Ltd, when I started doing my MBA.  Just before the graduation with my MBA in year 2000, I joined New Zealand Pacific Training Centre (NZPTC) as Director of Studies, After my  graduation in December 2000, I assumed the position of Regional Director Ė Western with NZPTC.

In 2001 I rejoined Fiji Sugar Corporation Ltd as Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer.

In 2002, I moved up the Corporate ladder as Assistant Manager Ė Systems Development

In 2005, I became the first women in the history of The Fiji Sugar Corporation to assume an Executive Level Position as Manager Information Systems. 

How do you think USP helped you in your career?
When I first graduated from USP in 1989, I did not only receive a good education but a well-rounded understanding of the business world, it prepared me for my career. I was lucky enough to go to a prestigious university and because of my academic excellence; I found my dream employment at The Fiji Sugar Corporation Limited as Computing Trainee soon after I finished my first qualification.

After completing my Master of Business Administration degree in 2000 from USP, I developed the skill sets that helped to quickly moved up the corporate ladder to become the first women in The Fiji Sugar Corporation Limited to take over an Executive role.

After graduating from USP, what has been your greatest achievement?
My greatest achievement after graduating from USP MBA program has been assuming an Executive role as Manager Information Systems in a highly male dominated industry and in a highly technical field.

What inspires you and why?
I get inspired by other successful people. For some time, Iíve been following inspiring women leaders, entrepreneurs, business movers-and-shakers, writers and others on the cutting edge of thought leadership, and Iím still awed and amazed at how much there is out in the world to be inspired by.

What advice would you give to current and future students of USP?
Educational qualifications are life- long learning process. Good qualification from a recognized institute such as USP together with your own attitude can lead towards your success. 

Any other information you would like to share?
I believe that your dream does not have an expiry date. You can fulfill it anytime in your life. With USPís flexible learning system, you can start upgrading your qualification anytime and at any age in your lifetime. You just have to be bold enough to make a start. 

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