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Michael John Mangawai

Name: Michael Mangawai
Country: Vanuatu
Programme: BA (Land Management and Development-1988)

Why did you choose your field of study?  

I choose this  field of study  was because  of   my father, s wish  to graduate  with  a  Bachelor of Land Management and D

What was your most memorable moment as a student? Favorite moments at USP is when engaging myself to participate in my courses and getting experiences  and knowledge from other  students to increase and broaden my field of learning.  Graduating and joining other graduates in the world was best moment of my life.

Describe your experience while studying at USP.
Experience  at USP is a memorial one as I have learned a lot and met different types of students of different back grounds , cultures and religions. Learning other countries languages and cultures increase my knowledge of Pacific Countries identity.

After graduating from USP, what were some of the highlights of your career?
After graduating from USP , I  join the Department  of Lands  under the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources  a Senior Lands Officers, made my way up  to the Principal Lands Officers,  the Director of Lands , and acting Director General for the Ministry  of Lands and Natural Resources for almost two years. I have also held the position of Executive Officer under Corporate Services Unit under the Ministry of Lands and  Natural Resources.  My work concentrates on policy and planning  matters in relations to lands, water, mines and minerals, environment  and energy. This is a high level position under the Ministry of Lands portfolio. I am currently the CEO for the Corporate Services Unit, Ministry  of Lands and Natural Resources.

After graduating from USP, what has been your greatest achievement? Being the former Director of Lands at the Department  of Lands  under the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources

What inspires you and why? I want to be what I wanted to be , get a better living, a sustainable and manageable life with a good wife and fine kids. Being a hard working student and time management plays major role to my success

How do you think USP helped you in your career?  The available resources that the Campus had to offer especially all the available resources to assist  you  with your  research and projects.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years (career and/or personal goals)?
A consultant  providing technical support to the Government of Vanuatu, any private sectors in the areas of land laws, and

What advice would you give to current and future students of USP?
Education is the key to all successes in any ones life… without education you are doomed. To commit themselves  to studies and make use of all the available resources  the University had  to offer in order to  make your dream come

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