Emalus Campus

Emalus Campus

Volume 1 1997

Refereed Articles

Working Papers

The Diversified or Strict Role of an Ombudsman : A Comparison in the Roles of the Ombudsman in Vanuatu and Fiji 
by Rene Lal

Pathfinder to Asia Pacific Law A valuable tool for researchers in the law of Asia Pacific region
by Colin Fong

Human Rights and the Transparency of Government Action in Vanuatu -A Comment 
by Nena Hicks and Anita Jowitt

A Proposal to Establish A Land Tribunal in Vanuatu 
by Sarah Hardy-Pickering

A Comparison and Contrast of the Roles of the Ombudsman in Vanuatu and Samoa 
by Mareva Betham-Annandale

Conference Reports

Book Reviews

Findlay, M. Criminal Laws of the South Pacific IJALS, USP: Suva (1996). 
(Reviewed by T. Newton)

Lea, D. Melanesian Land Tenure in a Contemporary and Philosophical Context University Press of America: Lanham (1997). 
(Reviewed by R. Hughes)

Case Commentaries

1. Police v Sikuea and Ors. Magistrates Court, Tonga, April 1996. 
Offence Against persons in the service of the government - Constitutional validity of s. 57 - different meanings of Tongan and English versions of s. 57 - Inadmissibility of evidence -discretion of the court -criminal liability of corporation - strict liability - community standard of morality and humanity.   (R. Hughes)

2. Bureieta Kaitu v Republic of Kiribati Court of Appeal of Kiribati, Criminal Jurisdiction, 21st March 1997. 
Admissibility of statements read out before magistrates - Bias on the part of Magistrate hearing a criminal matter - relevance of customary obligations of magistrate. (R. Hughes)

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