Emalus Campus

Emalus Campus

Volume 5 2001


Refereed Articles

Some Aspects of Law in Hawaii  
by Hourigan D.P.

Judicial assault on the citadel of indefeasibility of title under the Papua New Guinean Torrens System of conveyance  
by Mugambwa J.

Working Papers

State Immunity : A Vanuatu Perspective  
by Foukona J.D.

Recent Legislative Changes Affecting Succession Law in New Zealand - The Property (Relationships) Act 2001  
by Hughes, Professor Bob

The Effect of Land Policy on Foreign Direct Investment in the Solomon Islands 
by Tagini P.

What is the Matrimonial Property Regime in Vanuatu?  
by Farran S.

Some Thoughts About Customary Land  
by Paterson D.E.

Conference Reports

Book Reviews

South Pacific Island Legal Systems (Ntumy) 
Reviewed by J. Corrin Care

E-research: your guide to legal research (Dayal)  
Reviewed by P. Murgatroyd

A Dictionary of Environmental Law (Gilpin)  
Reviewed by Dr. L Cordonnery

Selected Constitutions of the South Pacific (Paterson)  
Reviewed by K. Brown

Developing Cultural Criminology: Theory & Practice in Papua New Guinea (Banks)  
Reviewed by Dr. T. Newton Cain

Papua New Guinea: employment, wages and economic development (Levantis)  
Reviewed by A. Jowitt

Contract Law in the South Pacific (Corrin Care)  
Reviewd by A. Faerua

Corruption and Anti-Corruption (Lamour and Wolanin)  
Reviewed by Professor Bob Hughes

External Trade and Investment Law in the South Pacific (Ahmadu)  Reviewed by P. Tagini

Autonomy in International Contracts (Nygh)  
Reviewed by M. Ahmadu

Case Commentaries

Beti v Afiu (Shah K.)

Fiji Development Bank v Raqono (Shah K.)

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