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USP Family Fun Day

As the year comes to a close, USP Nauru campus following in the footsteps of its fellow pacific campuses, hosted its annual ‘Family Fun’ day Saturday 1st December, in hopes of further strengthening the bond between staff and students.

Alamanda Lauti, the director of USP started the day by welcoming friends and families of the staff and students present for the occasion. She also expressed to them her gratitude that they would take the time to acknowledge the event. This year it was all about a clean and green environment and what a better way to kick start the day than with willing volunteers diligently cleaning in and around the campus.

Afterwards they enjoyed a refreshing lunch that the campus had prepared especially for the occasion and spent some time resting and conversing with one another. The afternoon was then spent with games organised by the campus staff including Table Tennis with the equipment kindly donated by the campus USPSA. Younger family members were able to enjoy the artistic work of campus staff with face painting and were able to display their good sportsmanship by participating in various novelty games.

President of the USPSA , Basil Buramen who was also present for the event shared how important family fun day was to him as a student. “I enjoy coming to USP Family Fun day every year because it’s the only time you get to truly relax and have fun with families and friends and of course the staff at USP” Mr. Buramen commented. It was another successful day for USP Nauru with activities that continued on throughout the day and ended with a family movie in the Donga room.

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