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John Lowry
  • John Lowry
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    School of Geography, Earth Science and Environment
    Position Title:
    Senior Lecturer
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    +679 32 32549
  • Personal Info

    BA BYU MS Utah PhD Utah State 

    Research Interests
    John Lowry is interested in studying how humans interact with their environment with the purpose of illuminating ways by which human well-being can be improved. 
    Such a broad field of interest naturally draws him to multidisciplinary and collaborative research. Dr. Lowry's contributions are often in developing quantitative spatial methodologies combining statistical models with GIS and/or remote sensing.  His research draws on theory in human geography, urban and landscape ecology, and regional planning.  Currently Dr. Lowry is involved in research addressing disaster risk assessment, poverty and food security mapping, and the application of GIS in public health.  Past research includes investigating the relationship between urban vegetation and water consumption in semi-arid environments to predict future municipal water requirements, and developing innovative mapping methodologies for conservation planning for very large landscapes.

    Selected Publications

    Lowry, J. H. Jr, R. D. Ramsey and R. K. Kjelgren (2011) Predicting urban forest growth and its impact on residential landscape water demand in a semiarid urban environment.  Urban Forestry & Urban Greening 10: 193-204.

    Lowry, J. H. Jr, M. E. Baker and R. D. Ramsey (2011) Determinants of urban tree canopy in residential neighborhoods:  Household characteristics, urban form, and the geophysical landscape. Urban Ecosystems DOI 10.1007/s11252-011-0185-4.

    Rivera, S., J. Lowry, A. J. Hernández, R.D. Ramsey, R. Lezama, M. Velázquez (2011) MODIS generated land cover mapping of Honduras:  A base-line layout to create a national monitoring center. Rivista de Teledetección 35: 94-108.

    Hooten, M.B., Johnson, D.S., Hanks, E.M., and J.H. Lowry (2010) Agent-based inference for animal movement and selection. Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics 15(4): 523-538.

    Lowry, J. H., R. D. Ramsey, L. Langs-Stoner, J. Kirby and K. Schulz (2008) An ecological framework for evaluating map errors due to class similarity using fuzzy sets. Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing 74(12): 1509-1519.

    Langs, L. A., K. A. Thomas, J. H. Lowry and K. A. Schulz, (2008) A gap analysis of ecological systems for the Colorado Plateau ecoregion using Southwest Regional Gap Analysis land cover. In The Colorado Plateau III: Integrating Research and Resource Management for Effective Conservation. C. van Riper III and D.J. Mattson (eds.).  Tucson:  The University of Arizona Press.

    Lowry, J., R. D. Ramsey, K. Thomas, D. Schrupp, T. Sajwaj, J. Kirby, E. Waller, S. Schrader, S. Falzarano, L. Langs, G. Manis, C. Wallace, K. Schulz, P. Comer, K. Pohs, W. Reith, C. Velasquez, B. Wolk, W. Kepner, K. Boykin, L. O’Brien, D. Bradford, B. Thompson and J. Prior-Magee, (2007). Mapping moderate-scale land-cover over very large geographic areas within a collaborative framework:  A case study of the Southwest Regional Gap Analysis Project (SWReGAP).  Remote Sensing of Environment 108:59-73.

    Falzarano, S., K. Thomas and J. Lowry (2005) Using decision tree modeling in Gap analysis land cover mapping:  preliminary results for northeastern Arizona. In The Colorado Plateau II: Biophysical, Socioeconomic and Cultural Research. C. van Riper III and D.J. Mattson (eds.).  Tucson:  The University of Arizona Press.

    Lowry, J. H., Jr., H. J. Miller and G. F. Hepner (1995) A GIS based sensitivity analysis of community vulnerability to hazardous contaminants on the Mexico/US border Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing 61(11):1347-1359.

    Publications in USP Electronic Research Repository

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