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Utkal Mehta
Utkal Mehta
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School of Engineering and Physics
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BEng Gujar. ,ME Baroda , DPhil IIT Guwahati 

Dr U Mehta received the B.Engg. (1999) degree from Gujarat University, India and M.Engg. (2003) degree from M S University Baroda, India and the Ph.D. (2011) degree from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati, India, in Electronics and Electrical Engineering.  He joined The University of the South Pacific (USP) in 2012.  He was a Project Engineer at R&D department at Compatible Power (P) Ltd in 1999-2002. He was an Asst. Prof. at the Department of Electronics & Communication CIT, India in 2003-2008. He was a doctoral research fellow at IIT Guwahati in 2008-2011. His current research focuses on system modeling and identification, reconfigurable controller design for industrial applications and robotics. He serves as an editor of International Journal of Control Science and Engineering. He is a member of the Systems Society of India and Institution of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers.


Area of Interest:

Control Theory and Applications
Relay feedback Identification
Mathematical Modeling
Applied Nonlinear Control
Automatic Tuning of Industrial Controllers
Embedded system


Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
Control System Engineering
Analog Electronics
Computer Control

Awards/Scholastic achievements:


1. Received fund from the All India Young Engineers Humanitarian Challenge 2012 for the project "Metropolitan Area Traffic Guidance System", sponsored by IEEE India.
2. 3-year, Govt. of India Scholarship for higher studies (PhD) at IIT Guwahati, 2008-2011
3. Young Scientist – International Travel Support (ITS) Grant from DST, India, 2010
4. Gold Medal for standing first in HSC, IPCL School, 1995 


Research Publications: (2008 Onwards)


Mehta, U: Relay autotuning for unstable processes with large time delay, under review in IMA Journal of Mathematical Control and Information, 2012.

Majhi, S., Kotwal V. and Mehta, U.: FPAA-Based PI controller for DC servo position control system,  IFAC Conference on Advances in PID Control, Brescia, Italy, 2012.

Mehta, U. and Majhi, S.: "On-line relay test for automatic tuning of PI controllers for stable processes", Transactions of Inst. of Meas. Cont, vol. 34(7), 903-913, 2012.

Mehta, U. and Majhi, S.: "On-line relay autotuning for process identification", National System Conference, IIT Bhubneswar, India, 2011.

Mehta, U. and Majhi, S.: "On-line identification of cascade control systems based on half limit cycle data", ISA Transactions, Elsevier, vol. 50(3), 473-478, 2011.

Mehta, U. and Majhi, S.: Identification of a Class of Wiener and Hammerstein-Type Nonlinear Processes with Monotonic Static Gains, ISA Transactions, Elsevier, vol. 49, 501-509, 2010.

Mehta, U. and Majhi, S.: Estimation of Process Model Parameters Based on Half Limit Cycle Data, Journal of Systems Science and Engineering, vol. 17 (2), 13–21, 2008.

Mehta, U. and Majhi, S.: Modeling and Control of Nonlinear Systems With Input Monotonic, Proceedings of IEEE Conference INDICON, India, 2010.

Mehta, U. and Majhi, S.: On-line Identification and Control Methods for PID Controllers, Proceedings of IEEE Conference ICARCV, Singapore, 2010.

Mehta, U. and Majhi, S.: An online relay feedback scheme for cascade control systems, National System Confernce, NIT Surthkal, India, 2010.

Mehta, U. and Majhi, S.: Autotuning of PI Controller for an Unstable FOPDT Process, CERA09, IIT Roorkee, India, 2009

Mehta, U. and Majhi, S.: Identification of a Class of Nonminimum Phase Processes using Relay Feedback, Int. Conf. on Applied Systems Research and NSC, India, 2009.

Mehta, U. and Majhi, S.: Adaptive Relay Based Identification and Control of Hammerstein-Type Nonlinear Processes, Proceedings of IEEE Conference INDICON, India, 2008. 

Mehta, U. and Majhi, S.: Identification and Control of Wiener-Type Non-linear Processes, National Systems Conference, IIT Roorkee, India, 2008.







IET Proc. on Control Theory and Applications
Transactions of the Institute of Measurement & Control 
ISA Transactions
National System Conference
IEEE Conferences on Control Systems: CDC, INDICON, ACC etc.


Organized/ Delivered Workshop/Technical events/Session Chair:


1. Organized one day intensive workshop under ISTE on “Embedded System Design-RTOS”, 2005
2. Co-ordinate ROBOTICS event during COGNIZANCE 2005, State Level Technical Event organized by CIT, 2005 
3. Chaired a technical session on “Trends in Telecom Transmission: Copper to Fiber” K. J. Somaiya College of Engineering Maharastra State, IEEE, IEI, IETE-Bombay Section, March 2006. 
4. Co-ordinate ROBOTICS event during VORTEX 2006, National Level Technical Event organized by Education Campus Changa, 2006 
5. Organized and technically delivered one week intensive Workshop on “Industrial Automation [PLC/SCADA]” under ISTE Chapter during 8th to 12th Jan 2007
6. Chaired a technical session on “Wireless Communication and Networking Technologies” IE and IETE Regional seminar, Vadodara, Dec 2008
7. Delivered an expert talk topic on “Time management for Teachers” State Training Division of Govt of Gujarat, 2011
8. Delivered a seminar talk on “Relay feedback auto-tuning for system identification and control”, University of Cape Town, South Africa, 2012
9. Chaired  State Level Technical Event on Robotics organized by BITS, Vadodara, Feb 2012
10. Technical Chaired in State Level Paper contest on Internet Security and 4G technology organized by IETE and IE, Vadodara Chapter, April 2012.
11. Delivered a seminar talk on “Introduction to Latex”, for PhD research course work, 2012.

Publications in USP Electronic Research Repository

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