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Volume 38, No. 1, 2018

The Journal of Pacific Studies (JPacS) which is ranked by the ABDC (Australian Business Deans Council), is a multi-disciplinary journal that focuses on development issues. Since development issues are a key concern in the Pacific the Journal of Pacific Studies focuses on such contemporary concerns. It is a locally generated area studies journal for the South Pacific which gives primary attention to developmental, economic, historical, geographical and political issues with current investigations in The University of the South Pacific Region and beyond.

The newly revived JPacS team of editors is from various fields of work who collectively aim towards bolstering research and disseminating knowledge in and about the region. The review process of the journal is 1 to 2 months on average and the articles are currently accepted through e-mails and go through a vigorous reviewing, proof-reading and editing process before the final publication is done. The review process includes external reviewers.

The journal aims become the main vehicle through which USP can express its intellectual life and leadership.

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