Volume 8 Issue 1 2004 -  Emalus Campus

Volume 8 Issue 1 2004


Refereed Articles

Criminal Procedure in the South Pacific  
By Eric Colvin

Towards a Climate of Tolerance and Respect: Legislating for HIV/AIDS and Human Rights in Papua New Guinea  
By Christine Stewart

Creating a framework for HIV/AIDS legal reform in the South Pacific 
By Anita Jowitt

Working Papers

Medical Confidentiality and the Public Disclosure of HIV Status  
By Paul Mae

The USP Community Legal Centre: Combining legal education and legal services in a developing island country  
By Ted Hill

Conference Reports

Expert Meeting on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights in Asia-Pacific  
By Anita Jowitt

Book Reviews

The Hot Seat: Reflections on Diplomacy from Stalinís Death to the Bali Bombing  
Reviewed by Myint Zan

Industrial Relations in the South Pacific  
Reviewed by Anita Jowitt

South Pacific Property Law  
Reviewed by Silivia Takilai

Case Commentaries

International Watersport Management Ltd v Pearl Creations Company Ltd  
By Sunita Bois-Singh

Attorney General of Fiji and Another v Marika Vuki Silimaibau and Another  
By Suruj Sharma

Vohor v Abiut [2004] VUSC 5; Civil Case No 96 of 2004  
By Robert Hughes

Rewa Co-op Dairy Company Ltd & Another v Sharon Julie Anne Mckenzie & Others  
By Sunita Bois-Singh

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