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USP Alafua Students Community Service Project

Led by the Vice-President of the USP Alafua Student Association (Mr Penaia Donuca), several students of the USP Alafua Campus visited the Le Mapufagalele (Home of the Aged) Home on Friday, April 12, 2013 and they worked in the vegetable gardens of the home. The students were very eager and excited to volunteer their time and energy for the old people’s home and they were well received by the Catholic Sisters that run the Home. 


  • Weeding of tomato plots
  • Staking tomatoes
  • Planting cabbage ( 7 plots)

While the students worked, they could hear the aged thanking them in their Samoan language “Malo le galue” which was so encouraging and it kept the students holding on to the hope that they were there for a good course. Some of our girls had a chance to talk with the old people in the dining hall and they were served with lunch. The students were touched when they heard the old people chanting for them. 


A total of 24 students were part of the activity with 2 staff (Student Welfare Officer, Chief Security Officer). The students and staff spent 4 hours carrying out the community service project.


As mentioned earlier, the students thoroughly enjoyed this volunteer project. They would like to express their gratitude to Campus Life for providing the needed funds to ensure that this project could take place. The opportunity to reach out to the community in Samoa is something that these students will cherish with them forever.

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