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Cooking Recipe Competition

Show off your cookery skills and celebrate the USP Invest in Yourself, Health Week. Submit your healthy inexpensive recipe using your favourite local produce and be eligible to win fabulous prizes!


1st  Prize .
A Microwave for Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian recipe
2nd Prize
A Rice cooker for Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian recipe

1st  Prize.
A Microwave for Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian  recipe
2nd  Prize
A Rice cooker for Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian recipe

Entry Categories 

Contestants may enter in two categories, Vegetarian and non-vegetarian. 

(Applicable only to USP Students and Staff)

Recipes will be judged on

  • Visual Appeal
  • Ease of Preparation
  • Creativity
  • Use of local produce. Recipes must have 80% of locally produced fruits and vegetables to be eligible.
  • Balanced meal.  Providing a number of different nutrients, including carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals.
  • Ease of cooking- raw, cooked or baked (stove, microwave, electric frying pan, rice cooker).

Important Details

Entries must include:

  • Contestant's name
  • Email address
  • Name of the dish
  • Ingredients (with exact measurements)
  • Preparation/cooking time
  • Preparation steps
  • Cooking steps
  • Approximate number of servings
  • Approximate cost
  • Photos must be emailed as attachments.
  • If your recipe is adapted from an existing one, credit the original source in the entry

Click on Cooking Recipe Form

Email your recipe and pictures to ronil.r.prasad(at)   All email entries must include required   information as indicated   above to be valid. 

Contestants may enter a maximum of two recipes but is only eligible to win one prize. 

(Selected entries will feature on the campus Life website and may be edited for brevity and clarity by Campus Life.)

Get cooking! Use your favourite local produce to come up with your own signature dish or baked goods!

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