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  • USP was very active throughout the region, ensuring that its ICT infrastructure and capacity was put to good use. In 2012, USP successfully deployed Ku-band (lower frequency satellite technology) in five USP member countries, including Tonga.  The Ku-band deployment allows students from USP centres in Ha’apai and Vavau Islands in Tonga to access higher education through USP.

    USP also extended the deployment of wireless to Tonga in 2012. Tonga Campus is now 100% wireless, and both students and staff have expressed their satisfaction with this service. The expansion of wireless access to the campuses will allow University students and staff to use more mobile devices, such as tablets and laptops, to access data and course materials quickly and conveniently.

    Future Plans

    USP used its ICT capacity for the benefit of people in remote atolls and opened up its facilities especially USPNet for non-USP activities, such as linking schools. For example, extending USPNet facilities for Niue High School and Adi Maopa Secondary School were completed in 2012 with plans to do the same in Tonga in 2013.

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