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Makita A new Crop for Fiji? (Abstract)

A short report on the potential utilisation of the oil from Parinarium laurinu

By: Rodney C. Hayward and Ajit Singh

Parinarium laurinum A. Gray (P .glaberrima Hassk) of the Rosaceae family, is a tree of modetare size pandemic to the Indo-Malaysian and South Pacific areas. It is found growing in such places as Papua New Guinea (kusta), Java, Borneo, Truk Is. (Ais) and prolifically on the sea front and in the river valleys of Fiji (makita). Although this tree once provided the timber for the spars of canoes, the present work was concerned specifically with the constituents of the avoid fruit which this tree bears. These have been used for medicinal (Truk Is.), or as a glue and vanish in food bowl manufacture (Solomon Is).

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