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    The Cook Islands comprise 15 islands scattered over an area of nearly 2 million square kilometres of ocean. Pending the development of USPNet communications with the outer islands, USP services are offered on Rarotonga (population 10,572) and to those islands with regular air services – viz, Aitutaki (population 1,771), Mangaia (562), Atiu (468), Mauke (300), Mitiaro (189), Tongareva/Pehrhyn (213) and Manihiki (238). Rakahanga (77) together with Nassau (73) and Palmerston (60) have no regular air services.

    In 2013 and 2014 small study centres were established on the islands of Mangaia, Mauke and Atiu. USP Cook Islands was established in the old hospital building in Tupapa, Rarotonga,  in July 1975. 

From there, the Campus moved to its current location at Takamoa and was officially opened on 18 July 1979. USP Cook Islands is built on part of Puaau Section 161, Ngatipa Tapere, in Avarua, Rarotonga. The land was acquired through a Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of the Cook Islands and the University of the South Pacific. The agreement provides for Perpetual Rights of Renewal of Thirty (30) years, commencing from 1 June 1976 with an annual rental of ten (10) cents. The agreement was renewed for a further 30 years in May, 2006. In addition, in 2006, USP Cook Islands was gifted a 60 year lease over 15 acres of land in the southern area of Rarotonga for a new campus on the condition (stipulated in a joint MOA) that it develop a centre for Cook Islands traditional knowledge. Extensive plans were developed for a new campus but to date no building work has been undertaken on this site. In 2012, the University’s premises at Tamakoa were expanded under a $700,000 grant from AusAID, providing new office space, a new classroom and a student lounge/ computer room.

USP Cook Islands graduates are now able to take up opportunities for postgraduate research at doctoral level, under an innovative USP regional scholarship program that supports in-country research.

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