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Papua New Guinea Legislation Index

Current as at 1 February 2002

*Please note that the Consolidated Legislation of Papua New Guinea to February 1, 2001 is available via PacLII

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Accountants Act 1996
Accountants Registration and Practice Regulation 1998
Admiralty Court Act 1840 (United Kingdom, adopted)
Admiralty Court Act 1861 (United Kingdom, adopted)
Admiralty Rules (United Kingdom, adopted)
Adoption of Children Act (Chapter 275)
Adoption of Children Regulation (Chapter 275)
Adultery and Enticement Act 1988
Aerodrome (Business Concessions) Act 2000
Agents for Natives Regulation (TNG) (Chapter 298)
Agriculture Bank Regulation (Chapter 139) [Rural Development Bank Regulation (Chapter 139)]
Aid Status (Privileges and Immunities) Act (Chapter 345)
Anatomy Act (Chapter 227)
Anatomy Regulation (Chapter 227)
Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea Property Trust Act 1993
Animal Disease and Control Act (Chapter 206)
Animal Disease and Control Regulation (Chapter 206)
Animals Act (Chapter 329)
Animals Regulation (Chapter 329)
Apprenticeship and Trade Testing Act 1986
Apprenticeship and Trade Testing Regulation 1991
Appropriation (National Development Expenditure 2001) Act 2000
Arbitration Act (Chapter 46)
Architects (Registration) Act 1989
Architects (Registration) Regulation 1992
Arrest Act (Chapter 339)
Arrest Regulation (Chapter 339)
Asian Development Bank Act (Chapter 82)
Asian Development Bank (Privileges and Immunities) Regulation (Chapter 87)
Assemblies of God in Australia (New Guinea) Mission Act (Chapter 1002)
Associations Incorporation Act (Chapter 142)
Associations Incorporation Regulation (Chapter 142)
Attorney-General Act 1989
Attorney-General Regulation 1990
Auctioneers Act (Chapter 90)
Auctioneers Regulation (Chapter 90)
Audit Act 1989
Australian Churches of Christ Overseas Mission Board Act (Chapter 1003)


Baby Feed Supplies (Control) Act (Chapter 365)
Baby Feed Supplies (Control) Regulation (Chapter 365)
Bail Act (Chapter 340)
Bail Regulation (Chapter 340)
Bamu River Mission Act (Chapter 1005)
Banking Corporation Act (Chapter 136)
Banks and Financial Institutions Act 2000
Banks and Financial Institutions Regulation (Chapter 137)
Bills of Exchange Act (Chapter 250)
Boards (Fees and Allowances) Act (Chapter 299)
Bodies Corporate (Joint Tenancy) Act (Chapter 143)
Bookmaking Act (Chapter 265)
Bookmaking Regulation (Chapter 265)
Bougainville (International Assistance Groups) (Privileges and Immunities) Act 1997
Boxing and Wrestling Control Act (Chapter 300)
Bread Act (Chapter 283)
Bread Regulation (Chapter 283)
British and Foreign Bible Society Act (Chapter 1006)
Broadcasting Corporation Act (Chapter 149)
Building Act (Chapter 301)
Building Regulations 1994
Business Groups Incorporation Act (Chapter 144)
Business Groups Incorporation Regulation (Chapter 144)
Business Names Act (Chapter 145)
Business Names Regulation (Chapter 145)


Calendar Act (Chapter 3)
Carriage of Goods by Sea Act 2000
Catholic Diocesan Joint Ventures Agency Act 1994
Catholic Diocese of Kundiawa Act 1994
Catholic Diocese of Wabag Act 1994
Cemeteries Act (Chapter 302)
Cemeteries Regulation (Chapter 302)
Central Bank (Prescribed Liabilities) Regulation (Chapter 138)
Central Bank (Statutory Appointees' Provident Fund) Regulation (Chapter 138)
Central Banking Act 2000
Central Banking (Foreign Exchange and Gold) Regulation (Chapter 138)
Child Welfare Act (Chapter 276)
Child Welfare Regulation (Chapter 276)
Cities Act (Chapter 4)
Cities (Official Styles and Precedence) Regulation (Chapter 4)
Citizenship Act (Chapter 12)
Citizenship Regulation (Chapter 12)
Civil Aviation Act 2000
Civil Aviation (Aircraft Charges) Regulation 2000
Civil Aviation (Aircraft Operators' Liability) Act (Chapter 292)
Civil Aviation Regulation (Chapter 239)
Civil Registration Act (Chapter 304)
Civil Registration Regulation (Chapter 304)
Claims By and Against the State Act 1996
Classification of Publication (Censorship) Act 1989
Classification of Publication (Censorship) Regulation 1990
Cocoa Act (Chapter 388)
Cocoa Regulation (Chapter 388)
Coffee Industry Corporation (Statutory Functions and Powers) Act 1991
Colonial Courts of Admiralty Act 1890 (United Kingdom, adopted)
Commerce (Trade Descriptions) Act (Chapter 284)
Commercial Advertisement (Protection of Local Industry) Act (Chapter 407)
Commercial Advertisement (Protection of the Public) Act (Chapter 352)
Commissions of Inquiry Act (Chapter 31)
Companies Act 1997
Companies Regulation 1998
Companies Rules (Chapter 146)
Compensation (Prohibition of Foreign Legal Proceedings) Act 1995
Congregation of the Passion of Jesus Christ Act 1995
Conservation Areas Act (Chapter 362)
Constitution of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea
Constitutional Commission Act (Chapter 21A)
Constitutional Commission (Interim Provisions) Act (Chapter 21)
Constitutional Development Commission Act 1997
Constitutional Documents (Manner of Proof) Act (Chapter 5)
Constitutional Office-Holders Retirement Benefits Act 1986
Consumer Affairs Council Act 1993
Co-operative Societies Act (Chapter 389)
Copra Act (Chapter 211)
Copra Inspection Regulation (Chapter 211)
Copra Marketing Board Act (Chapter 212)
Copra Marketing Board Regulation (Chapter 212)
Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act 2000
Coroners Act (Chapter 32)
Coroners Regulation (Chapter 32)
Correctional Service Act 1995
Correctional Service Regulation 1995
Creditors' Remedies Act (Papua) (Chapter 47)
Criminal Code Act (Chapter 262)
Criminal Code (Chapter 262)
Criminal Justice (Sentences) Act 1986
Criminal Law (Bail) Act (Chapter 413)
Criminal Law (Compensation) Act 1991
Criminal Law (Compensation) Regulation 1992
Criminal Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act (Chapter 263)
Criminal Practice Rules 1987
Crocodile Trade (Protection) Act (Chapter 213)
Crocodile Trade (Protection) Regulation (Chapter 213)
Curfew Act 1987
Customs Act (Chapter 101)
Customs (Ad Valorem Duties) Regulation 1987
Customs Duty (Automotive Diesel Fuel Rebate) (Repeal) Regulation 1986
Customs Duty (Rebate) Act (Chapter 390)
Customs (Personal Effects) Regulation 1995
Customs (Prohibited Exports) Regulation (Chapter 101)
Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulation (Chapter 101)
Customs (Prohibition of Trade with South Africa) Regulation (Chapter 101)
Customs Recognition Act (Chapter 19)
Customs Regulation (Chapter 101)
Customs Tariff Act 1990
Customs Tariff (Dumping and Subsidies) (Repeal) Act 2000


Dangerous Drugs Act (Chapter 228)
Dangerous Drugs Regulation (Chapter 228)
Defamation Act (Chapter 293)
Defence Act (Chapter 74)
Defence (Aid to Civil Power) Regulation (Chapter 74)
Defence (Aid to Civil Power) Regulation 1988
Defence (Australian Forces) Act (Chapter 75)
Defence (Boards of Inquiry) Regulation (Chapter 74)
Defence Force Retirement Benefits Act (Chapter 76)
Defence Force Retirement Benefits Regulation (Chapter 76)
Defence Forces (Presence Abroad) Act (Chapter 372)
Defence (Member's Defence Force History) Regulation (Chapter 74)
Defence (Period of Service) Regulation (Chapter 74)
Defence (Prescribed Offices) Regulation (Chapter 74)
Defence (Transitional) Regulation (Chapter 74)
Defence (Visiting Forces) Act (Chapter 77)
Defence (Visiting Forces) Vehicles Regulation (Chapter 77)
Dental Charges Act (Chapter 104)
Dental Charges Regulation (Chapter 104)
Departure Tax Act (Chapter 387)
Departure Tax Regulation (Chapter 387)
Deserted Wives and Children Act (Chapter 277)
Diplomatic and Consular Privileges and Immunities Act (Chapter 83)
Disaster Management Act (Chapter 403)
Disciplined Forces Canteen Organization (Repeal) Act 1998
Discriminatory Practices Act (Chapter 269)
Distillation Act (Chapter 305)
District Courts Act (Chapter 40)
District Courts Regulation (Chapter 40)
Divine Word University Act 1999
Drugs Act (Chapter 229)
Drugs Regulation (Chapter 229)
Dumping of Wastes at Sea Act (Chapter 369)


Education Act (Chapter 163)
Education (Boards of Studies) Regulation 1986
Education (International Education Agency Schools) Regulation
Education Regulation (Chapter 163)
Electricity Commission Act (Chapter 78)
Electricity Commission (Productive Use of Land) Act (Chapter 181)
Electricity Commission Regulation (Chapter 78)
Electricity Supply (Government Power Stations) Act (Chapter 306)
Emergency (Bougainville) (General Powers) Act 1989
Emergency (Bougainville) (General Powers) Regulation 1989
Emergency Committees Act (Chapter 33A)
Emergency (Custody of Members of Parliament) Act (Chapter 33B)
Emergency (General Powers No 2) Regulation 1998
Employment Act (Chapter 373)
Employment of Non-citizens Act (Chapter 374)
Employment of Non-citizens Regulation (Chapter 374)
Employment Placement Service Act (Chapter 172)
Employment Regulation (Chapter 373)
Environment Act 2000
Environmental Planning Act (Chapter 370) (To be repealed when the Environment Act 2001 commences - see Repealed Legislation Library for copy of Act)
Environmental Contaminants Act (Chapter 368) (To be repealed when the Environment Act 2001 commences - see Repealed Legislation Library for copy of Act)
Evangelical Lutheran Church of New Guinea Property Trust Act (Chapter 1007)
Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea Act 1992
Evidence Act (Chapter 48)
Evidence (Foreign Tribunals) Act (Chapter 335)
Evidence (Prescribed Officers) Regulation (Chapter 48)
Excise Act (Chapter 105)
Excise (Beer) Act (Chapter 106)
Excise (Beer) Regulation (Chapter 106)
Excise Regulation (Chapter 105)
Excise Tariff Act (Chapter 107)
Explosives Act (Adopted) (Chapter 309)
Explosives Act (Chapter 308)
Explosives Areas Regulation (Adopted) (Chapter 309)
Explosives Regulation (Adopted) (Chapter 309)
Explosives Regulation (Chapter 308)
Export (Desiccated Coconut) Regulation (Chapter 101)
Export (Fish) Regulation (Chapter 101)
Exports (Control and Valuation) Act (Chapter 108)
Exports (Control and Valuation) Regulation (Chapter 108)
Extradition Act (Chapter 49)
Extradition (Commonwealth Countries) Regulation (Chapter 49)


Fairness of Transactions Act 1993
Fauna (Protection and Control) Act (Chapter 154)
Fauna (Protection and Control) Bagiai Wildlife Management Area Rules (Chapter 154)
Fauna (Protection and Control) Balek Wildlife Sanctuary Rules (Chapter 154)
Fauna (Protection and Control) Crown Island Wildlife Sanctuary Rules (Chapter 154)
Fauna (Protection and Control) Garu Wildlife Management Area Rules (Chapter 154)
Fauna (Protection and Control) Maza Wildlife Management Area Rules (Chapter 154)
Fauna (Protection and Control) Mojirau Wildlife Management Area Rules (Chapter 154)
Fauna (Protection and Control) Pokili Wildlife Management Area Rules (Chapter 154)
Fauna (Protection and Control) Ranba Wildlife Management Area Rules (Chapter 154)
Fauna (Protection and Control) Ranba Wildlife Sanctuary Rules (Chapter 154)
Fauna (Protection and Control) Regulation (Chapter 154)
Fauna (Protection and Control) Sawataitai Wildlife Management Area Rules (Chapter 154)
Fauna (Protection and Control) Siwi-Utame Wildlife Management Area Rules (Chapter 154)
Fauna (Protection and Control) Tonda Wildlife Management Area Rules (Chapter 154)
Fire Service Act (Chapter 64)
Fire Service (Amendment) Act 1993
Fire Service Regulation (Chapter 64)
Firearms Act (Chapter 310)
Firearms Regulation (Chapter 310)
Fiscal Year (Change) Act (Chapter 350)
Fisheries Management Act 1998
Fisheries Management Regulation 2000
Fisheries (Torres Strait Protected Zone) Act (Chapter 411)
Fisheries (Torres Strait Protected Zone) Regulation 1987
Fluoridation of Public Water Supplies Act (Chapter 230)
Fluoridation of Public Water Supplies Regulation (Chapter 230)
Food Sanitation Act 1991
Forestry Act 1991
Forestry Regulation 1998
Forsayth Prize Fund Trust Act (Chapter 164)
Frauds and Limitations Act 1988
Free Trade Zones Act 2000


Gaming Act (Chapter 270)
Gaming Machine Act 1993
Gaming Machine Regulation 1993
Gaming Regulation (Chapter 270)
Gazelle Restoration Authority Act 1995
Geneva Conventions Act (Chapter 84)
Girl Guides Association Act (Chapter 1008)
Goods Act (Chapter 251)


Harbours Board Act (Chapter 240)
Harbours Board (General) By-laws (Chapter 240)
Harbours Board (Inflammable Liquid and Dangerous Goods) By-laws (Chapter 240)
Higher Education Act (Chapter 397)
Hire-purchase Act (Chapter 252)
Hire-purchase Regulation (Chapter 252)


IDA (Agricultural Development) Credit Agreements Ratification Act (Chapter 122)
Income Tax Act 1959
Income Tax, Dividend (Withholding) Tax and Interest (Withholding) Tax Rates Act (Chapter 111)
Income Tax (International Agreements) Act 1987
Income Tax (New Fiscal Year-Transitional Provisions) Act (Chapter 110A)
Income Tax (Rates) Act 1975
Income Tax (Rates) Act (Consolidated) 1976
Income Tax Regulations 1959
Income Tax (Salary or Wages Tax) (Rates) Act 1979
Income Tax (Specific Gains Tax) (Rates) Act 1982
Independence Fellowship Trust Act (Chapter 1040)
Indonesian Border Agreement Act (Chapter 85)
Industrial Centres Development Corporation Act 1990
Industrial Development (Incentives to Pioneer Industries) (Repeal) Act 1998
Industrial Development (Wage Subsidy) Act (Chapter 110B)
Industrial Development (Wage Subsidy) Regulation (Chapter 110B)
Industrial Organizations Act (Chapter 173)
Industrial Organizations Regulation (Chapter 173)
Industrial Relations Act (Chapter 174)
Industrial Relations Regulation (Chapter 174)
Industrial Safety (Building Works) Order (Chapter 175)
Industrial Safety (Chemical Treatment of Timber) Order (Chapter 175)
Industrial Safety (Excavation Works, Shafts and Tunnels) Order (Chapter 175)
Industrial Safety (Explosive-powered Tools) Order (Chapter 175)
Industrial Safety (Lifts) Order (Chapter 175)
Industrial Safety (Monocrotophos) Order (Chapter 175)
Industrial Safety (Tractors and Earthmoving and Mobile Construction Equipment) Order (Chapter 175)
Industrial Safety, Health and Welfare Act (Chapter 175)
Industrial Safety, Health and Welfare Regulation (Chapter 175)
Industry Assistance Board Act 1985
Infants Act (Chapter 278)
Infants (Clarification of Application) Act (Chapter 278A)
Inflammable Liquid Act (Chapter 311)
Inflammable Liquid Regulation (Chapter 311)
Insolvency Act (Chapter 253)
Institute of Medical Research Act (Chapter 166)
Instruments Act (Chapter 254)
Instruments Regulation (Chapter 254)
Insurance Act 1995
Insurance Corporation Act (Chapter 366)
Insurance (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act (Chapter 256)
Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates Regulation 2001
Inter-group Fighting Act (Chapter 344)
Interim Provincial Governments Tax Act 1996
Internal Security Act 1993
International Bank (Ramu Hydroelectric Project) Loan Agreement Act (Chapter 125)
International Bank (Telecommunications) Loan Agreement Ratification Act (Chapter 123)
International Bank/IDA (Highway Project) Loan and Credit Agreements Act (Chapter 124)
International Financial Organizations Act (Chapter 86)
International Organizations (Privileges and Immunities) Act (Chapter 87)
International Organizations (Privileges and Immunities) Regulation (Chapter 87)
International Trade (Fauna and Flora) Act (Chapter 391)
International Trade (Fauna and Flora) (Fauna) Regulation (Chapter 391)
Interpretation Act (Chapter 2)
Investment Corporation Act (Chapter 140)
Investment Disputes Convention Act (Chapter 346)
Investment Promotion Act 1992
Investment Promotion Regulation 1992


Judges' Pensions Act 1997
Judicial Proceedings (Interest on Debts and Damages) Act (Chapter 52)
Judicial Proceedings (Regulation of Reports) Act (Chapter 51)
Juvenile Courts Act 1991


Koki Market-Place Trust (Repeal) Act 1986
Kwato Church Corporation Act (Chapter 1036)


Land Act 1996
Land Disputes Settlement Act (Chapter 45)
Land Disputes Settlement Regulation (Chapter 45)
Land Groups Incorporation Act (Chapter 147)
Land Groups Incorporation Regulation (Chapter 147)
Land (Ownership of Freeholds) Act (Chapter 359)
Land (Ownership of Freeholds) Regulation (Chapter 359)
Land Registration Act (Chapter 191)
Land Registration Regulation 1999
Land Regulation 1999
Land (Tenure Conversion) Act 1963
Land (Tenure Conversion) Regulations 1964
Land Titles Commission Act 1962
Land Transport Board Act (Chapter 245)
Landlord and Tenant (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act (Chapter 189)
Law of Property (Execution of Powers) Act (Chapter 290)
Law Reform Commission Act (Chapter 18)
Laws Adoption and Adaptation Act (Chapter 20)
Lawyers Act 1986
Lawyers Admission Rules 1990
Lawyers' Conveyancing Costs Rules (Chapter 91)
Lawyers (Examination) Regulation 1992
Lawyers (Prescribed Rate) Regulation 1990
Lawyers (Trust Account) Regulation 1990
Leaders (Benefits) Act 1987
Leadership Code (Alternative Penalties) Act (Chapter 1A)
Legislative Drafting Service Act (Chapter 80)
Levien Memorial Act (Chapter 167)
Licences Regulation (TNG) (Chapter 112)
Licences (TNG) Act (Chapter 112)
Licensing of Heavy Vehicles Act (Chapter 367)
Licensing of Heavy Vehicles Regulation (Chapter 367)
Life Insurance Act 2000
Life Policies Protection Act (Chapter 257)
Liquor (Licensing) Act (Chapter 312)
Liquor (Licensing) Regulation (Chapter 312)
Liquor Licensing (Trading Hours) Rules (Chapter 312)
Liquor (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act (Chapter 313)
Liquor (Panguna Canteen) Regulation (Chapter 312)
Loan (Arawa Town Works) Act (Chapter 126)
Loan (Bougainville Copper Agreement) Act (Chapter 127)
Loan (Electricity) Act (Chapter 128)
Loan (Works and Services) Act (Chapter 129)
Loan (Works, Services and Electricity) Act (Chapter 130)
Loan (Works, Services and Government Instrumentalities) Act (Chapter 131)
Loans and Assistance (International Agencies) Act (Chapter 132)
Loans and Assistance (International Agencies) (Prescribed Body) Regulation (Chapter 132)
Loans and Assistance (International Finance Agencies) Regulation (Chapter 132)
Loans (Overseas Borrowing) (No 2) Act (Chapter 133A)
Loans (Overseas Borrowings) Act (Chapter 133)
Loans Securities Act (Chapter 134)
Loans Securities Regulation (Chapter 134)
Loans (Works, Services and Other Purposes) Act (Chapter 347)
Loans (Works, Services and Other Purposes) Act (Chapter 376)
Local Courts (Repeal) Act 2000
Local Government Service Act (Chapter 58)
Local-level Government System (Interim and Transitional Arrangements) Act 1995
Local-level Governments Administration Act 1997


Magisterial Service Act (Chapter 43)
Maintenance Orders Enforcement Act (Chapter 279)
Maintenance Orders Enforcement Regulation (Chapter 279)
Marine Insurance (Adopted) Act (Chapter 258)
Maritime College Act (Chapter 355)
Maritime College (Levy) Regulation (Chapter 355)
Marking of Weight on Heavy Packages Act (Chapter 241)
Marriage Act (Chapter 280)
Marriage Regulation (Chapter 280)
Married Women's Property Act (Chapter 281)
Matrimonial Causes Act (Chapter 282)
Matrimonial Causes Rules (Chapter 282)
Medical Registration Act (Chapter 398)
Medical Registration By-laws (Chapter 398)
Medicines and Cosmetics Act 1999
Melbourne Bible Institute Act (Chapter 1009)
Mercantile Act (Chapter 260)
Merchant Shipping Act (Chapter 242)
Merchant Shipping (Coasting Trade) Regulation (Chapter 242)
Merchant Shipping (Committee of Advice) Regulation (Chapter 242)
Merchant Shipping (Crewmen) Regulation (Chapter 242)
Merchant Shipping (Navigational Aids) Regulation (Chapter 242)
Merchant Shipping (Pilotage) Regulation (Chapter 242)
Merchant Shipping (Registration) Regulation (Chapter 242)
Merchant Shipping (Safety) Regulation (Chapter 242)
Migration Act (Chapter 16)
Migration (Fees) Regulation (Chapter 16)
Migration Regulation (Chapter 16)
Mineral Resources Development Company Pty Limited (Privatisation) Act 1996
Mineral Resources Stabilization Fund (Repeal) Act 2000
Minimum Age (Sea) Act (Chapter 176)
Mining Act 1992
Mining (Bougainville Copper Agreement) Act (Chapter 196)
Mining Development Act (Chapter 197)
Mining Development Regulation (Chapter 197)
Mining (Ok Tedi Agreement) Act (Chapter 363)
Mining (Ok Tedi Agreements) (Amendment) Act 1986
Mining (Ok Tedi Fifth Supplemental Agreement) Act (Chapter 363E)
Mining (Ok Tedi Fourth Supplemental Agreement) Act (Chapter 363D)
Mining (Ok Tedi Restated Eighth Supplemental Agreement) Act 1995
Mining (Ok Tedi Second Supplemental Agreement) Act (Chapter 363B)
Mining (Ok Tedi Seventh Supplemental Agreement) Act 1986
Mining (Ok Tedi Sixth Supplemental Agreement) Act 1986
Mining (Ok Tedi Supplemental Agreement) Act (Chapter 363A)
Mining (Ok Tedi Third Supplemental Agreement) Act (Chapter 363C)
Mining Regulation 1992
Mining (Safety) Act (Chapter 195A)
Mining (Safety) Regulation (Chapter 195A)
Mining (Transitional Provisions) Regulation 1992
Ministers (Delegation) Act (Chapter 35)
Ministers (Delegation) Regulation (Chapter 35)
Motor Car Dealers Act (Chapter 353)
Motor Car Dealers (Price of Vehicles) Regulation (Chapter 353)
Motor Traffic Act (Chapter 243)
Motor Traffic (Amendment) Regulation 1989
Motor Traffic Regulation (Chapter 243)
Motor Vehicles Insurance (PNG) Trust (Administrative Arrangements) Act 1996
Motor Vehicles (Third Party Insurance) Act (Chapter 295)
Motor Vehicles (Third Party Insurance) (Basic Protection Compensation) Act (Chapter 296)
Motor Vehicles (Third Party Insurance) (Basic Protection Compensation) Regulation (Chapter 296)


National Agricultural Research Institute Act 1996
National Agriculture Quarantine and Inspection Authority Act 1997
National AIDS Council Act 1997
National Airline Commission Act (Chapter 244)
National and Local-level Government Electoral Regulation 1997
National Capital District Commission Act 1990
National Capital District Commission (Building Board) Regulation 1991
National Capital District Commission (Delegated Committees) Regulation 1991
National Capital District Commission (Electoral Provisions) Regulation 1990
National Capital District Commission (Land Tax) Regulation 1991
National Capital District Commission (Legislative Procedures) Regulation 1991
National Capital District Commission (Motu-Koitabu Village Development Committees) Regulation 1992
National Capital District Commission (Sales and Service Tax) Regulation 1991
National Capital District Commission (Ward Committees) Regulation 1991
National Capital District (Transfer of Assets, etc) Act 1996
National Capital District Water Supply and Sewerage Act 1996
National Council of Women Incorporation Act (Chapter 1041)
National Court Act (Chapter 38)
National Court Assessors Act (TNG) (Chapter 42)
National Court Assessors Regulation (TNG) (Chapter 42)
National Court (Number of Judges) Act (Chapter 404)
National Court Rules (Chapter 38)
National Cultural Centre Trust Act (Chapter 155)
National Cultural Commission Act 1994
National Cultural Property (Preservation) Act (Chapter 156)
National Cultural Property (Preservation) Regulation (Chapter 156)
National Economic and Fiscal Commission Act 1996
National Health Administration Act 1997
National Housing Corporation Act 1990
National Identity Act (Chapter 9)
National Identity Regulation (Chapter 9)
National Institute of Standards and Industrial Technology Act 1993
National Intelligence Organization Act (Chapter 405)
National Judicial Staff Service Act 1987
National Land Registration Act (Chapter 357)
National Library and Archives Act 1993
National Library and Archives (National Library and Archives Board) Regulation 1998
National Museum and Art Gallery Act 1992
National Name (Protection) Act (Chapter 10)
National Narcotics Control Board Act 1992
National Parks Act (Chapter 157)
National Parks Regulation (Chapter 157)
National Provident Fund Act (Chapter 377)
National Provident Fund Rules (Chapter 377)
National Provident Fund (Financial Reconstruction) Act 2000
National Research Institute Act (Chapter 165) [formerly Institute of Applied Social and Economic Research Act]
National Research Institute (Election of Staff Representative) Regulation (Chapter 165)
National Revival Church Mission Act (Chapter 1010)
National Road Safety Council Act 1997
National Seal Act (Chapter 11)
National Seas Act (Chapter 361)
National Training Council Act 1991
National Volunteer Service Act 1990
National Water Supply and Sewerage Act 1986
National Youth Commission Act 1999
Native Administration Regulation (TNG) (Chapter 315)
Native Regulation (Papua) (Chapter 316)
Nursing Registration By-Laws (Chapter 398)


Oaths, Affirmations and Statutory Declarations (Chapter 317)
Offences (Overseas) Act (Chapter 406)
Official Personal Staff Act (Chapter 383)
Offshore Seas Proclamation 1978
Oil and Gas Act 1998
Oil Palm Industry Corporation Act 1992
Order in Council made under the Colonial Courts of Admiralty Act 1890 (United Kingdom, adopted)
Organic Law on Certain Constitutional Office-holders
Organic Law on Immediate and Transitional Constitutional Provisions
Organic Law on National and Local-level Government Elections
Organic Law on Provincial Boundaries
Organic Law on Provincial Governments and Local-level Governments
Organic Law on Residence
Organic Law on the Advisory Committee on the Power of Mercy
Organic Law on the Boundaries of the National Capital District
Organic Law on the Calling of Meetings of the Parliament
Organic Law on the Duties and Responsibilities of Leadership
Organic Law on the Guarantee of the Rights and Independence of Constitutional Office-holders
Organic Law on the Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates
Organic Law on the Internment Tribunal
Organic Law on the Judicial and Legal Services Commission
Organic Law on the Nomination of the Governor-General
Organic Law on the Number of Ministers
Organic Law on the Ombudsman Commission
Organic Law on the Public Services Commission (Repeal)
Organic Law on the Relief of Members of Disciplined Forces from the Responsibility for the Consequences of Carrying out a Lawful Order
Organic Law on the Terms and Conditions of Employment of Judges
Organic Law on the Terms and Conditions of Employment of the Governor-General
Overseas Trade (Shipping) Act (Chapter 399)


Pacific Adventist University Act 1997
Packaging Act (Chapter 285)
Packaging Regulation (Chapter 285)
Palm Oil Industry (Biala Project Re-organization) Act (Chapter 364)
Palm Oil Industry (New Britain Agreement) (Repeal) Act 1994
Palm Oil Industry Stabilization Funds Act (Chapter 400)
Papua New Guinea Institute of Public Administration Act 1993
Papua New Guinea Law Society Rules 1987
Papua New Guinea National Service Corps (Repeal) Act 1992
Papua New Guinea Red Cross Society Incorporation Act (Chapter 1042)
Papua New Guinea Science and Technology Council Act 1992
Papua New Guinea Sports Commission Act 1992
Papua New Guinea Sports Commission (Charges and Penalties) By-Law 1999
Papua New Guinea University of Technology Act 1986
Parliamentary Members' Compensation Act (Chapter 23)
Parliamentary Members' Personal Staff Act 1988
Parliamentary Members' Retirement Benefits Act 1997
Parliamentary Powers and Privileges Act (Chapter 24)
Parliamentary Service Act 1997
Parole Act 1991
Parole Regulation 1992
Partnership Act (Chapter 148)
Passports Act (Chapter 17)
Passports Regulation (Chapter 17)
Patents and Industrial Designs Act 2000
Pawnbrokers Act (Chapter 93)
Peace and Good Order Act 1991
Permanent Parliamentary Committees Act 1994
Personal Tax Act (Chapter 113)
Personal Tax Regulation (Chapter 113)
Petroleum Agreements (Currency Provisions) Act (Chapter 348)
Petroleum (Gulf of Papua) Agreements Act (Chapter 199)
Petroleum (Submerged Lands) Act 1967-1968, Section 11 (Australia, Adopted)
Physical Planning Act 1989
Physical Planning Regulation 1990
Place Names Act (Chapter 318)
Place Names Regulation (Chapter 318)
Places of Entertainment Act (Papua) (Chapter 319)
Places of Entertainment Regulation (Papua) (Chapter 319)
Places of Entertainment Regulation (TNG) (Chapter 319)
Plant Disease and Control Act (Chapter 220)
Plant Disease and Control Regulation (Chapter 220)
PNG Co-operative Investments Act (Chapter 412)
Poisons and Dangerous Substances Act (Chapter 231)
Poisons and Dangerous Substances Regulation (Chapter 231)
Police Act 1998
Port Charges Act (Chapter 114)
Port Charges Regulation (Chapter 114)
Postal Services Act 1996
Post-graduate Legal Training Act (Chapter 168)
Post-graduate Legal Training (Allowances) Regulation (Chapter 168)
Prevention of Pollution of the Sea Act (Chapter 371)
Prevention of Pollution of the Sea Regulation (Chapter 371)
Prices Regulation Act (Chapter 320)
Prices Regulation (Chapter 320)
Prime Minister Act (Chapter 27)
Printers and Newspapers Act (Chapter 151)
Printers and Newspapers Regulation (Chapter 151)
Printing of the Laws Act (Chapter 333)
Privatization Act 1999
Probation Act (Chapter 381)
Probation (Forms) Regulation 1991
Professional Boxing Control Board Act 1991
Professional Conduct Rules 1989
Professional Engineers (Registration) Act 1986
Professional Engineers (Registration) Regulation 1988
Protection of Private Communications Act (Chapter 272)
Provincial Government (Constituencies) Regulation (Chapter 56)
Provincial Government (Electoral Provisions) Regulation (Chapter 56)
Provincial Governments Administration Act 1997
Provisional Collection of Taxes Act (Chapter 115)
Public Curator Act (Chapter 81)
Public Curator Regulation (Chapter 81)
Public Employment (Non-citizens) Act (Chapter 342)
Public Finances (Management) Act 1995
Public Finances (Management) Regulation 1996
Public Health Act (Chapter 226)
Public Health (Barbers' Shops) Regulation (Chapter 226)
Public Health (Dairy Farms) Regulation (Chapter 226)
Public Health (Drinking Water) Regulation (Chapter 226)
Public Health (Infectious Diseases) Regulation (Chapter 226)
Public Health (Mental Disorders) Regulation (Chapter 226)
Public Health (Paint) Regulation (Chapter 226)
Public Health (Sanitation and General) Regulation (Chapter 226)
Public Health (Septic Tanks) Regulation (Chapter 226)
Public Health (Sewerage) Regulation (Chapter 226)
Public Health (Underground Water Tanks) Regulation (Chapter 226)
Public Holidays Act (Chapter 321)
Public Hospitals Act 1994
Public Hospitals (Charges) Act (Chapter 116)
Public Hospitals (Charges) Regulations (Chapter 116)
Public Officers Superannuation Fund Act 1990 (formerly State Services and Statutory Authorities Superannuation Fund Act 1990)
Public Prosecutor (Office and Functions) Act (Chapter 338)
Public Service (Oversea Agencies) Act (Chapter 68)
Public Services Conciliation and Arbitration Act (Chapter 69)
Public Services Conciliation and Arbitration Regulation (Chapter 69)
Public Services (Management) Act 1995
Public Solicitor (Charges) Act (Chapter 337)
Public Works Committee Act (Chapter 28)
Public Works Committee Regulation (Chapter 28)


Quarantine Act (Chapter 234)
Quarantine Regulation (Chapter 234)


Radio Spectrum Act 1996
Radio Spectrum Regulation 1997
Rationalisation of the Public Service (Budget Provisions) Act 1995
Reciprocal Enforcement of Custody Orders Act (Chapter 336)
Reciprocal Enforcement of Judgements Act (Chapter 50)
Resource Contracts Fiscal Stabilization Act 2000
Revised Edition of the Laws Act 1976
Revised Laws (Commencement) Act 1981
Roads Maintenance Act (Chapter 246)
Roads Maintenance Regulation (Chapter 246)
Roads Regulation (TNG) (Chapter 221)
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Rabaul Act (Chapter 1012)
Roman Catholic Archdiocese (Port Moresby) Act (Chapter 1011)
Roman Catholic Congregation (Handmaids of Our Lord) Act (Chapter 1013)
Roman Catholic Congregation of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart Act (Chapter 1014)
Roman Catholic Diocese (Alotau) Act (Chapter 1015)
Roman Catholic Diocese of Bereina Act (Chapter 1037)
Roman Catholic Diocese of Bougainville Act (Chapter 1016)
Roman Catholic Diocese of Goroka Act (Chapter 1038)
Roman Catholic Diocese of Kerema Act (Chapter 1039)
Roman Catholic Diocese of Lae Act (Chapter 1046)
Roman Catholic Diocese of Mendi Act (Chapter 1017)
Roman Catholic Divine Word Mission (Goroka) Act (Chapter 1018)
Roman Catholic Hospitaller Order of St John of God Act (Chapter 1019)
Roman Catholic Mission of Marianhill Lae Act (Chapter 1021)
Roman Catholic (Mission of the Divine Word) Act (Chapter 1025)
Roman Catholic (Mission of the Holy Ghost) Act (Chapter 1022)
Roman Catholic Mission of the Holy Trinity Act (Chapter 1023)
Roman Catholic Mission of the Order of Friars Minor Act (Chapter 1024)
Roman Catholic Mission, Kavieng Property Trust Act (Chapter 1020)
Roman Catholic Missionaries of the Sacred Heart (American Province) Act (Chapter 1027)
Roman Catholic Mission-Vanimo Act (Chapter 1026)
Roman Catholic Montfort Catholic Mission Act (Chapter 1028)
Roman Catholic Society of Mary of Bougainville Incorporation Act (Chapter 1029)
Roman Catholic Society of the Divine Word Mission Act (Chapter 1030)
Rubber Act (Chapter 222)
Rubber Regulation (Chapter 222)
Rules Respecting the Use of the National Flag and the National Emblem (Chapter 9)
Rural Development Bank Act (Chapter 139)
Rural Development Bank Regulation (Chapter 139) (Agriculture Bank Regulation (Chapter 139))


Salaries and Conditions Monitoring Committee Act 1988
Salaries and Remuneration Commission Act 1988
Sale of Human Blood Act (Chapter 236)
Sale of Stolen Cattle Prevention Act (Chapter 223)
Salvation Army (Papua New Guinea) Property Trust Act (Chapter 1031)
Sarto Secular Institute Trust Act (Chapter 1044)
Savings and Loan Societies Act (Chapter 141)
Savings and Loan Societies Regulation (Chapter 141)
Scout Association of Papua New Guinea Incorporation Act (Chapter 1032)
Sea-carriage of Goods Act (Chapter 261)
Seamen (Foreign) Act (Chapter 177)
Seamen (Unemployment Indemnity) Act (Chapter 178)
Search Act (Chapter 341)
Search Regulation (Chapter 341)
Second-hand Dealers Act (Chapter 322)
Second-hand Dealers Regulation (Chapter 322)
Securities Act 1997
Securities Regulation 1999
Sheriff Act (Chapter 55)
Sheriff Regulation (Chapter 55)
Shipping Act (Chapter 395)
Shipping (Freight Rate) Regulation (Chapter 395)
Simultaneous Deaths Act (Chapter 332)
Sir Donald Cleland Swimming-pool Trust (Repeal) Act 1987
Sir Hubert Murray Stadium Trust (Repeal) Act 1987
Slaughtering Act (Chapter 238)
Slaughtering Regulation (Chapter 238)
Small Business Development Corporation Act 1990
Sorcery Act (Chapter 274)
South Pacific Forum Fisheries Agency (Privileges and Immunities) Regulation (Chapter 87)
Spice Industry Act 1989
St John Council Incorporation Act (Chapter 1043)
Stamp Duties Act (Chapter 117)
Stamp Duties Regulation (Chapter 117)
Standard Rules for Savings and Loan Societies (Chapter 141)
Standard Time Act (Chapter 7)
Standing Orders of the National Parliament
Statistical Services Act (Chapter 386)
Statute Law Revision Machinery Act (Chapter 29)
Street Closing Act (Chapter 201)
Submarine Cables and Pipelines Protection Act (Adopted) (Chapter 247)
Summary Ejectment Act (Chapter 202)
Summary Ejectment Regulation (Chapter 202)
Summary Offences Act (Chapter 264)
Summer Institute of Linguistics Act (Chapter 1033)
Superannuation (General Provisions) Act 2000
Supreme Court Act (Chapter 37)
Supreme Court Rules 1984
Survey Act (Chapter 95)
Survey Co-ordination Act (Chapter 203)
Survey Co-ordination Regulation (Chapter 203)
Survey Regulation (Chapter 95)
Swiss Evangelical Brotherhood Mission Act (Chapter 1034)


Takeovers Code 1998
Teaching Service Act 1988
Teaching Service (Auxiliary Members) Act (Chapter 72)
Teaching Service (Auxiliary Members) (Disciplinary Procedures) Regulation 1988
Teaching Service (Auxiliary Members) Regulation (Chapter 72)
Teaching Service Conciliation and Arbitration Act (Chapter 73)
Teaching Service Conciliation and Arbitration Regulation (Chapter 73)
Teaching Service Regulation 1994
Telecommunications Act 1996
Telephone Tax (Repeal) Act 1992
Television (Prohibition and Control) Act 1986
Telikom PNG Limited Act 1996
Tobacco Products (Health Control) Act 1987
Tourism Promotion Authority Act 1993
Town Boundaries Act (Chapter 8)
Trade Licensing Act (Chapter 96)
Trade Licensing Regulation (Chapter 96)
Trade Marks Act (Chapter 385)
Trade Marks Regulation (Chapter 385)
Trade Measurement Act (Chapter 286)
Trading Act (Chapter 324)
Trading Regulation (Chapter 324)
Transport (Collection of Information) Act (Chapter 248)
Treasury Bills Act (Chapter 135)
Trust Accounts Act (Chapter 287)
Trust Accounts (Lawyers) Regulation (Chapter 287)
Trustee Companies Act (Chapter 288)
Trustee Companies Regulation (Chapter 288)
Trustees and Executors Act (Chapter 289)


Unclaimed Goods Act (Chapter 325)
Unclaimed Moneys Act (Chapter 326)
Unclaimed Moneys Regulation (Chapter 326)
Underlying Law Act 2000, The (*certified by the Speaker on 18 August 2000)
United Church in Papua, New Guinea and the Solomon Islands Incorporation Act (Chapter 1035)
United Nations and Specialized Agencies (Privileges and Immunities) Act (Chapter 88)
University of Goroka Act 1997
University of Papua New Guinea Act (Chapter 169)
University of Vudal Act 1997


Valuation Act (Chapter 327)
Valuation Regulation (Chapter 327)
Value Added Tax Act 1998
Value Added Tax Regulation 1999
Value Added Tax Revenue Distribution Act 1998
Veterinary Surgeons Act (Chapter 98)
Veterinary Surgeons Regulation (Chapter 98)
Vice-Ministers Act 1994
Village Courts Act 1989
Village Courts Regulation (Chapter 44)


War Cemeteries and Graves Act 1986
War Deaths Registration Act (Chapter 414)
War Surplus Material Act (Chapter 331)
War Surplus Material Regulation (Chapter 331)
Water Resources Act (Chapter 205) (To be repealed when the Environment Act 2001 commences - see Repealed Legislation Library for copy of Act)
Water Resources Regulation (Chapter 205) (To be repealed when the Environment Act 2001 commences - see Repealed Legislation Library for copy of Regulation)
Weights and Measures Regulation (Chapter 286)
Whaling Act (Chapter 225)
Wills, Probate and Administration Act (Chapter 291)
Workers' Compensation Act (Chapter 179)
Workers' Compensation Regulation (Chapter 179)
Wrongs (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act (Chapter 297)


Y2K Fairness in Litigation Act 1999

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