The Equity Market in Fiji (Abstract) -  Journal of Pacific Studies

The Equity Market in Fiji (Abstract)

By: Peter Curnow

Equity markets exist in more 40 countries including many developing countries. In many of the developing countries, the stock exchange represents an important source of finance and play an important role in the growth of the economy. Some of the exchanges in Malaysia and Jordan represent a higher share of GDP than in France or Germany, while India's stock exchange lists more companies than the stock markets have been strong markets of all other countries except the USA. The growth of many of these markets have been strong and in the case of Korea, quite spectacular. In Korea market capitalization has multiplied fortyfold in the last 10 years and the share of equity funding has risen from US$0.3b in 1980 to US410.6b in 1998, accounting for 23.7% of total corporate external financing (Dailami $ Atkin 1990).

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