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Ralph Regenvanu

What is your home country?

What programme(s) did you graduate in and in which year?
Bachelor of Law, 2011

What was your most memorable moment as a student?
Being awarded the Gold Medal for Law

Describe your experience while studying at USP.
Stimulating, collegial

What was your greatest achievement while studying at USP?
Winning the gold medal for the best Law graduate in 2011

After graduating from USP, what were some of the highlights of your career?
I am now a Cabinet Minister in Vanuatu. Leading the Land Reform in Vanuatu as Minister for Lands and Natural Resources

How do you think USP helped you in your career?
Through the lecturers and students I met, I have established many good professional networks within the Pacific region. 

After graduating from USP, what has been your greatest achievement?
Being re-elected for a second term as a Member of Parliament and becoming a Cabinet Minister in Government. 

What inspires you and why?
People who are activists for social justice, because they spend time and effort to improve all our lives for no financial 

What advice would you give to current and future students of USP?
Take the opportunity to learn as much as you can and study hard so you do well academically

Please share your top three tips that you think are most important for our current students or recent graduates that will help them when starting out on their career paths.

What has your involvement been with the University since you graduated?
I sponsor students with my M.P. allocation; I sit on the Emalus Campus Advisory Board; and  I give talks when requested to student groups.

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