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Reshmi Kumari

What is your home country?

Which country do you currently live in if different from above?
Japan for two years to complete Masters in Economics in University of Tsukuba (2013 – 2015).

What programme(s) did you graduate in and in which year?
Year 2010 Bachelor of Commerce (BCOM) - Accounting and Economics 
Year 2013 Post Graduate Diploma in Economics

What was your most memorable moment as a student?
Attending the graduation ceremony to be awarded and recalling back all the difficult times that I had to go through to come to that day.  

Describe your experience while studying at USP.  
The University have molded me and developed my ability to think rationally on any aspect of life whether it is policy or personal decision making. I see myself as a social scientist by studying the issues at macro and micro level and finding solutions through empirical research. Through USP, I learnt to find my way around by making new friends from Fiji and other Pacific Islands. I got an opportunity for entertainment through social activities organized by the student council, getting to attend seminars and meet people of high caliber such as of those from NGOs, government officials, Regional Organizations, guest speakers and visiting and adjunct Professors.  

What was your greatest achievement while studying at USP?
I found it rewarding that I gained the skills and knowledge of the wide field of economics and accounting in policy development as well as maximizing profit. Through this University I got skills and knowledge to smooth my career as an economist and towards an academic life. I am able to contribute through policy advice on at macro and micro level through Strategic Planning and program implementations at Government levels. The University led me to choose and shape my future and has built great confidence in myself.

After graduating from USP, what were some of the highlights of your career?
After graduating in BCOM, I continued my studies at the University beginning with Post Graduate Diploma in Economics at the same time working as a Research Assistant in School of Economics later joining the Government.  Working as an international relations officer in the Ministry of Agriculture my interests developed further in the world of globalization hence I was always looking for opportunity to study abroad.

How do you think USP helped you in your career?
I am very fortunate that what I learnt in the University, I am able to apply in my professional career and thankful to the lecturers of their advice and expertise to guide me through to what I do today.  This made me begin to analyze development issues on a broader scale (national and international) particularly inducing my interests in the success stories of the Asian tigers, financial, oil, food crises, good governance and to some extent politics. It is interesting to see that I am building my research ability with theory and a mixture of empirical research.  As an economist, I commit myself towards helping the government meeting the Millennium Development Goals.

After graduating from USP, what has been your greatest achievement?
Being the BCOM student of USP was a stepping stone for me. The quality of education that I accomplished from USP helped me secure myself for a scholarship from Asian Development Bank to pursue my Master of Arts in Economics in Japan where I am currently enrolled in. Here I plan will develop my econometric and modeling research skills in the context of globalization. I expect to complete my studies in 2015 and return back to Fiji to serve in a better and bigger way to the nation. In addition, my future plan includes undertaking higher profile responsibilities with regional organizations and the University.

What inspires you and why?
Motivation, dedication and honesty inspire me and they are principles of God as well.  If this also inspires you, then rest assured you will never fail in any aspect of life.

What advice would you give to current and future students of USP?
I recommend all the future students that this place as an ideal University and a place to begin your career. USP has a lot to offer however; to be successful entirely depends on your effort. Select your courses well and the way you want. Choose your lecturers as your advisors as they are there to help and guide you. Ask lots of questions if you are not sure of. Team up with other students for discussions and to get off track easily. Start working from the first day because sometimes later becomes never. Get good rest, enjoy your courses and most important enjoy your each moment of University life.

Please share your top three tips that you think are most important for our current students or recent graduates that will help them when starting out on their career paths.
I always use motivational quotes as tips for future success:

  • “Don’t run after success but excellence.  Success will follow you”.
  • “Don’t work hard but work smart”.
  • “There is not end to education. Sky is the limit”.

What has your involvement been with the University since you graduated? 
Finding a job was easy for me. Immediately after graduating from my undergraduate degree, I was selected by the School of Economics to work as a Research Assistant for the Acting Head of School (Dr. Sunil Kumar) from August 2010 to August 2011 before I joined Ministry of Agriculture as an Economic Planning Officer for the Policy and International Relations Unit.

Any other information you would like to share?
To realize your dreams come to University, here you will get exposure not only to lecturers but other professionals from outside University. Its fun!

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