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Moriana Phillip

1. What is your home country?
The Republic of the Marshall Islands

2. Which country do you currently live in if different from above?
Brisbane, Australia

3. What programme(s) did you graduate in and in which year?
2008 Environmental Science (BSc)

4. What was your most memorable moment as a student?
I made friends with people from all corners of the Pacific, sharing noodles and tuna, bread and tea in the dorm rooms. Everyone looked after one another.

5. Describe your experience while studying at USP.
It was challenging, as an undergraduate there were many distractions while academic expectations are high. It was also full of fun in the field, I experienced living in the villages collecting data. USP is a hotspot for talent from all corners of the Pacific. 

6. What was your greatest achievement while studying at USP?
I learnt that the challenges in University are not impossible, good time and budget management is very important, along with perseverance and hard work, that is the secret formula. I am also very proud of being a founding member of the environmental youth group “Eco-Nesian”. 

7.After graduating from USP, what were some of the highlights of your career?
I worked in the Environmental Protection Agency, something I always dreamt of. That experience gave me the motivation I needed to further my studies. I went back to school.

8. How do you think USP helped you in your career?
USP provided me the opportunity to learn from others that are from similar environment as I am from. I had access to professors that were the best in their respective fields in the Pacific.

9. After graduating from USP, what has been your greatest achievement?
I have recently completed my Masters of Science in Integrated Water Management from the University of Queensland, Australia. 

10. What inspires you and why?
The world around us continues to change and that has impacts on our livelihoods and our people, many of which are negative. This drives me to learn as much as I can. I like to think that it will benefit my people someday.

11. What advice would you give to current and future students of USP?
Keep going, work hard and enjoy yourself but also remember that you are an ambassador of your people. 

12. Please share your top three tips that you think are most important for our current students or recent graduates that will help them when starting out on their career paths.

  • Work hard
  • Make friends
  • Do not spend all your stipend on beers, you will also need books and pencils.



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