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Our students

The majority of graduates diplomates and certificate holders find employment in the Niue Public Services depending on the field of study at USP. Of the 56% [Niue 2006 Census]1 of people working for the government more than 72% are made of former USP graduates, mostly women [86.1%]1  who also make up the number of students that enroll at USP every semester [70.2%]2 compared to males with 85.1%  and 26.7% respectively. 

The number of students pursuing courses at Preliminary and Foundation levels has declined significantly since 2011 with school leavers going directly to the workforce either on island or in New Zealand rather than enrolling at USP. It is interesting to note that the number who enrolled between 2012 and the beginning of Semester 2 and 2013 have risen [7%] reflecting the need in the Niue Public Service to employ and promote employees who continue to upgrade their qualifications in Management, Accounting, Economics, Law and in Education.

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