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Information Technology Services (ITS) previously known as the University Computer Centre was established in 1981 under the Department of Mathematics and became fully fledged as the Computer Centre in 1985 under a cooperative project by the US agency for International Development (USAID) and the Government of New Zealand (NZAid). In 1997, the USP Management restructured the Computer Centre and named it the Information Technology Services (ITS).

ITS is responsible for the University’s ICT infrastructure including:

  • Physical communication infrastructure
  • Internet/Intranet services
  • Central host servers
  • Management Information databases
  • Users (staff and students) support services
  • Projection services
  • Information services

ITS has grown from data services only to cover large scope of Information and communication and technologies services, that includes telephony services, communication services, data services, projection services and support services.


IT Services strategically aligns to the University’s vision.

“The Vision of USP is to be proactive, deliver excellence, and be highly regarded locally, regionally and internationally and to provide sustainable solutions in the Pacific”


“The University’s mission as defined in the University Charter is "… the maintenance, advancement and dissemination of knowledge and research, education, consultancy, management and community development, and the provision at appropriate levels of education and training responsive to the well-being and needs of the communities of the South Pacific".

The ITS Mission is therefore to support the University to achieve its Mission and strategic goals through the delivery of quality and professional information technology services.“


Staff & Students

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