Mrs. Elina Bloomfield -  School of Geography, Earth Science and Environment

Mrs. 'Elina Kaufusi Bloomfield

Contact Information

Email: elinakb1466(at)
+679 323 2734
Room 20, SGESE Building, Lower Campus

Degree: PhD

Research project: Adaptive capacity of the kainga system to sea-level rise and tsunamis in the Kingdom of Tonga

Supervisors: Dr Eberhard Weber (University of the South Pacific) and Professor Randolph Thaman (University of the South Pacific)

Aims: Given the inability of the Tongan government and outside aid agencies to help the population at the grassroots to adapt to natural (and other) hazards, perhaps we should consider instead the potential of the people themselves. Despite the inevitable changes of culture, the dynamic of the traditional kainga system in Tonga may be instrumental in contributing to people’s adaptive capacity. The project aims to:

1. Assess the contribution of the kāinga system to the community’s adaptive capacity.

2. Evaluate whether the kāinga system can be incorporated in national policies, adaptive procedures and strategies as an adaptive mechanism.


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