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Tafea USP Centre Open Day Report


Tafea Centre Coordinator, Staff, Students, School-Base Coordinators and School- Base Students would like to express our sincere gratitude to the following Sponsors and authorities for their generous assistance in making our Open Day a Successful and Enjoyable Day. We feel honored with your positive responses to our requests and wished to acknowledge the following:-

  1. Emalus Campus Manager and Group Managers for negotiations and approval of Tafea Centre’s request of Financial Support.
  2. David Warrick and Emalus Campus Open Day Committee for sponsoring our Participating Schools Gifts.
  3. Annette Kausiama and DFL Team for sponsoring our First, Second and Third Prices of Mushroom and Public Speaking Competitions as well as providing Samples of Mentioned activities.
  4. Campus Financial Department Team for necessary arrangements made to receive our Fund before Our Open Day. 
  5. Telecom Vanuatu Ltd for sponsoring our Mushroom Quiz Competition Public Involvement with 15 caps and 5.000vt TVL Credit.
  6. FM104 for up-dating the General Public of Tanna Communities about the different Activities and especially publishing our Open Day Program.

Handing Over of Tafea USP Open Day Gifts by Telecom Vanuatu Ltd Officer in Tafea Province on the 29/08/2013 at Tafea USP Centre.


The Tafea USP Centre atmosphere fill with excitement on the 29th of August 2013 at 6:30a.m as Tafea USP Students Stream in flying USP colors as they did the final preparation for the day. Around 100 to 150 people gathered at USP complex from the three USP School- Base schools to witness and participate in our activities namely Kwataparen Secondary School, Ienaula Secondary School and Lenakel Secondary School including our Guest speakers and invited guests y plus the general public. It was the first ever Open Day being organized at the Centre with Parade of Floats with a good number of Guests from the Line Government Departments in Tafea Province. 


Three(3) Tafea USP Staff and Students Meeting was held earlier on the 16th/8/2013, 20/08/2013 and finally on the 27/08/2013 to discuss the Open Day Program, Delegate the responsibilities as well as discuss with students the different activities they were involved with. On the 16th/08/2013 was the formation of Student’s Association Executive (President: Futa Lauha, Vice President: Numanyian John, Secretary: Janet Wilfred, Vice Secretary: Liphan Johnny, Treasurer: Tini Niko, Vice Treasurer: Willie Henry, Members:  Samson Hiwa and Morris Delly. In addition, briefing of the Open Day draft programme that was presented during the Meeting for Editing and finalization. On the 20th/08/2013, during my absent at the Centre to Emalus Campus for Induction, the Staff and Students held another meeting as planned to delegate the different responsibilities as well as prepare the activities that involve them for the Open Day. Delegation of Responsibilities includes Open Day Shelter, Flower Necklaces, De- briefing of Different Faculties (Arts, Law and Education and Business and Economics as well as College of Preliminary and Foundation), Master of Ceremony, Chair- person of Public Speaking Competition and finally the Chair-Person of Mushroom Quiz Competition.  A final meeting was held on the 27/08/2013 to finalize every activities and the Open Day Program before the actual date which is on the 29/08/2013. 


On Wednesday the 28/08/2013 after the finalization of the Open Day Budget from the Campus Finance department at Emalus Campus, student’s Executive Members Prepare the shelter while cleaning of the Centre Compound began by Elina Dan(Cleaner) and few others. These activities began in the morning until late afternoon when decoration and beautification were all completed by the USP staff Members and the Students. Around 7:30 p.m till 9:30pm students and the staff members continue with the preparation in the Library, preparing the banners, etc until late night ready for the next day.

Students preparing shelter and Banners for USP Open Day

UPS Clerical Assistance and Coordinator setting up Library and Office while Cleaner and Student’s Association President assist in conference Room and Compound


This year 2013 was a remarkable Year for Tafea Centre to organize a Parade of Float while the five Tafea USP School-Base schools as well as Tafea Centre were all invited to prepare a float each with the school colors for the parade. Unfortunately Isangel College and Lowanatom Technical School did not turn up due to school term break while Kwataparen and Lenakel College high-light the day flying their school colors. Ienaula from the far East turn up on time just before the parade began with full school Uniform since they could not afford to hire a transport for Float.

Tafea Centre compound fill with excitement as students march through with full uniform around 6:30a.m on the 29th of August 2013 preparing their float ready for the Parade at 8:00a.m according to our Open Day Programme.  The USP Staff also turn up on time for final preparation before participating on the parade. One could read from the Tafea USP students and Staff members that they were enjoying the day with families and friends.

However, the School- Base namely Kwataparen, Lenakel and Ienaula as well as Tafea Centre Staff, students, Guest , General Public and Police Force assemble outside Public Works Department for the commencement of the parade at 8:00 a.m as stated on our program unfortunately the Hired Brass band did not turn up on time. Finally, when Brass band arrive around 9:30 a.m, the music fill the air at Isangel Compound as Guest, Tafea USP Students, School Base students and General Public Manage from Public Works Department to Tafea USP Centre for the Main Activities. Parade of Floats Sequence is a follows: Police Force escort the Parade, Brass- Band, Guest, Tafea USP Float, Students and Staff, Kwataparen Float, students and Staff, Lenakel Students, Ienaula Students and General Public.

Floats Prepare by Kwataparen School Base and Tafea UPS Centre for Parade

Samples of Pictures taken during parade while below shows coordinator escorting S.G and Guest to the program Venue



Tafea Centre had the privilege to invite 13 Guest from Tafea Education Office, Tafea Police Force, Principals and Head Teachers from both Primary and Secondary Schools Nearby, Tafea District Pastor- Pastor Jonathan Moses and included on the list we were honored to invite Tafea Provincial Government’s Secretary General (SG) Mrs. Ketty Napuat, Tafea Provicial Education Officer (P.E.O) and the officer from the department of women’s affairs and Child Right.

During Daniel Koea’s speech (representative of Tafea Education Office) focused to Tafea USP students and School- base Students, he stressed the importance of personal commitments to one’s own study despite disturbance from social activities occurring in the societies and stress the importance of parental support to these students in terms of financial for successful completion of a programme.

The Secretary General in her speech emphasis the importance of extension of the Centre to fully accommodate Tafea Students Learning needs. She further explained that more development is needed via the extension of the Centre Compound. In addition, Mrs. Ketty Napuat emphasized the importance of choosing the type of programs and course relevant to individual student’s capacity and that student should not pick any program they were not capable to do. She appeals to Education Office and especially Teachers to make use of USP Programmes to acquire new skills for Quality Teaching.

Presentation of Salusalu to Our Guest and Secretary General Mrs. Ketty Napuat as our Guest Speaker


Nominees of students from the three different areas such as Faculty of Arts, Law and Education, Faculty of Business and management and College of Foundation studies and Preliminary provide general information about the different programs offered under each faculties as well as the criteria required. Members of public asked a lot of questions while the students with the assistance from the USP Coordinator and Clerical Assistance responded well. We were very fortunate to have the Secretary General of the Province Mrs. Ketty Napuat who contributed a lot during Public and Guest tour to different faculties. 

The Centre Tour was extended to the Centre Library where Tini Niko the Centre Clerical Assistance and Librarian explain to guest and members of the Public the different sections existed from Periodic Section, Reference Books, Non- fiction to Fiction section. In addition, she explain the purposes and uses of few PCs that are available in the Library and the importance of students typing their assignments and making use of the existing resources. USP Open Day T-shirts and Sulu were display in the Library for sale. From the Library the Centre Coordinator escort the Guest and members of the Public to Our Conference Room for a Clip Show taken at Laucala Campus in 2010. Generally, this assisted to provide some general information about how a USP Open Day occurred in a Main USP Campus to motivate our students to set their goals and always aim high. Childson Shem the responsible person briefly explain to audience the importance of preserving our culture and tradition as that goes in line with Education. The information provided during Centre Tour was purposely to Market USP’s Programmes and assist general about USP as another “Pathway To Success”.

Samples of pictures showing students explaining different USP Program to audience as well as the Video Clip Show in the Conference Room. The Last Picture on the right shows students gathering outside Centre Library for Library Tour but the limited space could not allow them


School-Base Principals were informed in advance about the Public Speaking Topic: “Why should Vanuatu be preparing for climate change, and how?” for students to prepare before the Open Day. During the Open Day, Tafea Students representative Chair the Public Speaking Competition while a Police Officer, a Secondary School Teacher and a Primary school Teacher were nominated to charge the speakers. 

However, the Competition was suppose to be a debate unfortunately the instruction was not clear enough and so it was refer to as general speaking where competitors responded according to the questions and provide evidence from sources.

Pictures showing competitors, charges and chair person during Public Speaking Competition


The same Charges for Public Speaking were allowed to rate Mushroom Quiz Competition using a scoring sheet produced by Centre Coordinator. However due to less number of schools to compete, not all the criteria were applicable during the competition for instance no rounding were allowed and so the four competing schools answer all the questions while charges score the totals to find First, Second and Third Places. In addition Members of the Public were given the opportunity to answer unanswered questions and were awarded with gifts donated by TVL Vanuatu. The Centre seek assistance from the In-Service Trainer at Tafea Education Office Madame Ruby Manu to read the French questions while two members Tafea Centre students read the English Questions. In addition the Centre acknowledge the  Secretary General’s presence as she was involved in drafting the mushroom question and considered her comments for improvements. The activity was indeed enjoyable 

Coordinators and Charges of Mushroom quiz Competition


At 3pm on the 29/08/2013 after the Public Speaking and Mushroom Quiz Competition the charges total up the scores to find the First, Second and Third winning schools for both competitions and so the results were as follow:

(i) Public Speaking Competition

  • First Price – Tafea USP Team
  • Second Price – Kwataparen School- Base
  • Third Price – Lenakel School- Base

Participating Gifts were awarded to:

  • Ienaula School- Base
  • Tafea College

Honor was given to the Principal of Kwataparen School- Base Mr. Jeffery Lauha who holds a Bachelors Degree Land Management to present the gifts to winning and participating Schools while Special Gift was awarded to Kency Willie of Tafea USP Team for Best Speaker.

(ii) Mushroom Quiz Competition

  • First Price- Lenakel School- Base
  • Second Price – Tafea USP Team
  • Third Price – Kwataparen School- Base

Participating Gifts were awarded to:

  • Tafea College
  • Ienaula School-Base

Honor was given to Police Officer Joseph Nok to present the gifts to the wining and participating schools Special Gift was awarded to Luen of Lenakel School-Base who answered most questions in French.

See Gallery at the bottom of Page













Receipt #










OPEN DAY impressed amount CT









1 boundle 20 yd plain calico for USP banner









Purchase of Vegetables & greens for O/D lunch









Purchase of Refreshment & ration









Hire of Brass Band









Hire of Tarpaulin for Open day shade









Transport of Firewood









Transport of open Day Float & sound system









Hire of Provincial Trainers Projector for O/D use









Hire of labor for open day lunch(cooks)









Hire of sound System









Purchase of ration for lunch









Total Expenses









Balance c/d















Total Expenses:          43,090 Vatu


The Centre took up the Challenge to organize USP Open Day purposely to combine Tafea Students together and assist them to recognize the importance of being well organized both academically and socially. Due to the fact that at this period of time Tanna is so busy with traditional activities(circumcision ceremonies) which easily lead students astray with their studies  therefore the Open Day help students realized that  their commitment to their studies is essential as strongly stressed by Secretary General of  Tafea Province Mrs. Ketty Napuat during her speech addressed to students. In addition information about USP programs was able to reach members of general public, parents as well as potential Youths. Although, the Centre was able to achieve its objectives, recommendations needed to consider for better organization of USP Open in the future.

Compile By Tafea Centre Coordinator:

Lesbeth. Jimmy

Public Speaking Awards Presentation ranging from Third PricesPublic Speaking Awards Presentation ranging from Second PricesPublic Speaking Awards Presentation and Finally First PricesLooking on is Kency Willie Best SpeakerParticipating Schools for Public Speaking CompetitionParticipating Schools for Public Speaking CompetitionPrice Giving of Mushroom Quiz Competition Third winning schoolPrice Giving of Mushroom Quiz Competition Second winning schoolPrice Giving of Mushroom Quiz Competition First winning schools presented by Police Officer Joseph NokPhotographs showing participating schools receiving their awards while Luen Receive a gift for being Best Anglophone Student in answering French Questions

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