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Dr. Christian Kull

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Monash University

(Adjunct Professor at USP)

Research Interests

Christian Kull is a geographer with interests in the human dimensions of environmental change. He investigates the political and social aspects of resource management issues like fire, invasive species, small-scale farming, deforestation, tree planting and protected areas conservation, particularly in developing country contexts. He is also interested in the history of human-induced land-use change and plant movements. Christian’s research has focussed principally on countries in and around the Indian Ocean.

Christian received his BA (1991) from Dartmouth College, MA (1995) from the University of Colorado, MSc (1996) from Yale University and PhD (2000) from the University of California at Berkeley. His primary appointment is at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia where he has taught since 2003.

Selected publications

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