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Print Workshop

Australian Print Workshop at the Oceania Centre
Australian Print Workshop (APW) first visited the Oceania Centre in May 2012. The focus of this was to oversee and assist the establishment of a small printing facility at the Oceania Centre and to introduce the art of printmaking to local artists. APW Director, Anne Virgo and Martin King conducted an intensive 10-day workshop at the Oceania Centre.  APW returned to the Centre in April 2013 to conduct a follow up workshop and assist the artists in a production of prints for a public exhibition.

Esala Caucau, Print workshop at the Oceania Centre Tomasi Domomate Oceania Centre Artists Kamala Naidu, Print workshop at the Oceania Centre Josua Toganivalu based at the Oceania Centre  Josua Toganivalu, Oceania Centre William Cavakau, Oceania Centre Artis

Australian Print Workshop (APW) at Melbourne, Australia  
Ledua Peni and Ben Fong with the Visual Arts Coordinator, Johanna Beasley traveled to Melbourne in August, 2013 for a training workshop at APW and a print exhibition. For two weeks, Ben and Ledua, worked alongside APW’s Printers gaining first-hand experience and the technical aspects of printing and, working in a professional print studio.

Peni at APW with  Simon White Simon White explaining the technical aspects of printing   First Editions Exhibition in Melbourne APW Director, Anne Virgo Ledua Peni, Johanna Beasley and Ben Fong

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