European Culture Parliament (ECP) 12th Session Conference - Oceania Centre for Arts and Culture

Panoramic View of Edinburgh from castle hill
Allan Alo with CEO IFACCA, Ms. Sarah Gardner
Members of IFACCA at the ECP Conference Sept 24 - 26 Sept 2013, Scotland.

European Culture Parliament (ECP) 12th Session Conference
In collaboration with Creative Scotland and International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA)
24 – 26 September, 2013 Edinburgh Scotland

In September, 2013 ECP   held a symposium to debate issues of interest to Europe and the global community. European members of IFACCA and selected guests were able to participate in these debates and, with the support of Creative Scotland, a number of guests from Commonwealth countries who were interested in engendering dialogue with their European colleagues, were invited to take part.

Allan Alo, Coordinator of Pacific Outreach Program for Polynesia (POPP) of the Oceania Centre for Arts, Culture and Pacific Studies was  invited   as the President of the Samoa Arts Council to attend the ECP conference to give a perspective on the challenges in Culture and the Arts faced by the Pacific region today.  Samoa Arts Council (SAC) was officially registered in December 2012 with the strong support of the University of the South Pacific (USP) through its Pacific Outreach Program for Polynesia (POPP).
The three-day conference brought together a large number of Arts and Culture Ministers, Government CEO’s and Presidents of Culture and Arts of NGOs from the world engaging in roundtable discussions, workshops and seminar presentations around the theme of Freedom of Expression and The Power of Culture in Defining Identity.
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