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USP Lautoka Campus

USP Lautoka Campus Celebrates Holi – the Festival of Colors

For the first time ever, the USP Lautoka Campus celebrated Holi - one of the most popular religious festivals observed by the Hindus – with much pomp and enthusiasm this year.

Holi, known as the Festival of Colours, is considered to be one of the happiest days of the year and is celebrated with abundance of colours and gaiety.

The staff and students of the USP Lautoka Campus thoroughly enjoyed the celebration that was held at the Campus’ lecture room on Thursday, 28th March.

It was a very entertaining and enriching experience for the staff and students who learned about the essence of Holi portrayed in a very lively manner. Those who witnessed such celebration for the first time, especially those of other ethnicities and religious faith, greatly appreciated being a part of this occasion.

The programme began with a welcome note by the Social Committee that was responsible for organizing the event, followed by a message on the Significance of Holi presented by the Lautoka Campus’ Continuing and Community Education Coordinator Rajendra Singh.

The celebration of Holi dates back to many Hindu legends associated with the triumph of good over evil. 

During the festival, participants splash each other in vibrant colored powder or colored water and it also gives people a chance to play and dance. 

The programme featured traditional Holi dance performed by the Prince and Princess Group of the Lautoka Campus and traditional songs like Sumarni, Chautaal, Jhumar with Kabeera/Jogeera.

Organizing Committee Chairperson Dennis Sen said the programme, though new to the Campus, was a huge success as apparent from the excited and stunned audience, especially the students from other ethnic groups and faiths.

“The students were completely into the spirit of the celebration and they joined along with the others to sing the traditional Holi song, Faag. They enjoyed every bit of the event,” said Mr Sen.

Mr Sen said the event was one of many cultural awareness efforts of USP, aimed at bringing together people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds together as one.

“The Campus hopes to continue organizing such religious/cultural events, on a larger scale, to promote multi-culturalism in the Campus community,” he said.

Mr Sen extended his appreciation to all the staff and students of the Campus who helped in organizing this event and also those who attended the celebrations to make it a success.

Students and staff were treated to sweets which is customary of Holi celebration.

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