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Update on Medical Insurance Scheme and Salary Negotiations

Please find below an update on the medical insurance scheme and salary negotiations.

Medical Insurance Scheme

Thank you very much for your comments and suggestions that you have provided so far on the Medical Insurance Scheme both to HR and the secretariat. This is a further update on the proposed medical insurance for all staff (within and outside Fiji) as per our discussion with management last week.

AUSPS raised concern about the $500 limit for the outpatients cover for all staff and USP has now raised the cover to $1000 at no additional cost to staff. USP will bear the excess for increasing the cover from $500. This should be a good news to all the staff. With this now in place, USP has decided to conclude and finalize the Medical Insurance Scheme.

HR will be sending further information on the logistics on the Medical Insurance. In our last meeting, we have been told that the USP will cease its current in house medical scheme from the 31st of December, 2013 and will provide the medical benefit via the QBE medical insurance.

AUSPS also raised concerns on the rush; however, USP has decided the way forward for the common good of everyone's health. We did our best to negotiate the best feasible package from the corporate underwriters under the present market conditions in the country.

It must also be noted that USP will not make automatic deductions for the staff contribution on the medical scheme from staff salaries if the staff member has not authorized it. This would then mean that you will not be covered by the QBE medical insurance scheme.

Salary negotiations
AUSPS is pleased to announce that after an extensive negotiation has managed to successfully secure an increment in salaries for Academic Staff and one off payment to Comparable staff in the current triennium. Our last meeting with the Management was on Sunday (8/12/13) and this is the outcome:

The 8% payment is scheduled to be made in the December pay.

The Table below summarizes the tradeoff options proposed by management while in negotiation.



MGT Proposal

AUSPS Position


15% gratuity absorbed in Base Pay



Removal of the Fee Concession Scheme for staff.

Disagreed. Fee Concession Scheme remains.


2% excess FNPF absorbed in Base Pay.

Disagreed. 2% superannuation excess to remain and not absorbed into salary as offered by the University


Return passage: Current benefit on return passage to staff is end of contract. USP proposed a return passage to end of employment.

Disagreed. Return Passage for Staff remains at end of contract.


Reduce Annual leave from 30 to 20 days per year

Agreed to 25 days annual leave. A reduction of 5 days. AUSPS proposed to management to extend Sabbatical leave by 1 month. Management Agreed, so Sabbatical leave will now be for 4 months


5 yr contract for staff

Agreed in principle but need more discussions

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