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Nicholas Cornelius

Nicholas Cornelius is ‘living the dream in the gaming world’. 

Since scooping the Gold Medal award for Literature and being named the best overall School of Humanities student during his graduation in 1997, Cornelius went on to start an illustrious career in the media world. 

Now the Senior Manager at Digital Operations and Engagement Marketing, Electronic Arts Australia, Cornelius advice to students ‘have a plan’ but Steve Jobs said it better ‘If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle’.

Name: Nicholas Cornelius

Country [of origin]: FIJI

Program: Bachelor of Arts – Communications/Journalism and Literature (Double Major)

Faculty: School of Humanities

Year Started: 1994

Year Graduated: 1997

Current Position: Chief Marketing Officer at Halfbrick Studios

Country: Australia


Briefly reflect on your student life at USP:

I started my Bachelors with majors in Literature/Language and Psychology but went on hiatus for a year to pursue work in radio via FM104 at Radio Fiji. I returned when the Journalism program began but could not start in Semester 2 (1994) so continued with Literature. 

The three years in the Communications/Journalism program was highly enjoyable, especially the T.V and online media segments. I also had a hand in resurrecting “The Voice” as the University newspaper before “Wansolwara” took over. 

I rounded out academia with solid involvement in sports representing USP in Indo-Fijian Rugby and Basketball (inter-tertiary tourney). 

Greatest achievement[s] as a student 

Taking the Gold Medals for Literature and best overall School of Humanities Student have to rank pretty high but being voted as President of the Journalism Students Association twice was a humbling experience especially since it was via peer votes.

Career Highlights since Graduation 

  • First graduate to be hired a Sub Editor at the Fiji Times (by-passing the cadet journalist system)
  • United Nations Populations Fund (UNFPA) Media award for a piece on population growth whilst at Islands Business Magazine
  • Correspondent to the BBC whilst at (November 2000)
  • Fraud Analyst at American Express Australia
  • Production Editor on Australian Taxation Law print volumes and ATL news online
  • Communications Officer at the NSW Department of Housing
  • Digital Content Manager for the Microsoft Partner Portal Australia
  • Digital Operations and Engagement Marketing Manager (Regional) at Electronic Arts Australia
  • Travelled to represent EA Australia at DICE in Stockholm Sweden. DICE is the studio who created EA’s biggest game franchise Battlefield

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by advances in technology and medicine and the hope that the future will be better for our children. On a personal level, I’m inspired by people who nurture and help others grow and those who are working towards ensuring this and future generations do not make the mistakes of past generations. I’m inspired by evolution.

Advice to current/future students? 

Have a plan. Embrace the future now and be open to change. Never compromise on your dreams; never say “this is good enough”.  Steve Jobs said it best: If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle.

Other piece of advice

Build a network early. LinkedIn is great for this even while being a student.

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