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Random ART
Banana Chandeliers by Sam Thomas - installation to celebrate two years of solar energy independence
Dogs, by Joan Gragg, coconut leaf sculptures

USP Cook Islands has one of the largest collections of Cook Islands art, paralleling the campus’  long engagement with Cook Islands artists.

In 2008, USPCI partnered with AUT University to offer the Masters in Art and Design to 7 resident Cook Islanders and a number of whose works are in the collection.

In August 2010 the campus hosted The Pacific Arts Association 10th International Symposium

In 2015 the Campus published a 480 page study of Islands Art & Architecture 

“Sunset Sail” by Andrea Eimke, 2012, bamboo, polyester builders line, laminated aluminium foil, 2,000 mm X 1,500 mm, collection University of the South Pacific, Rarotonga (Cook Islands)

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