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Parents and Partners

We are also committed to provide quality and up-to-date information to parents and partners. We understand that a healthy relationship between students and parents leads to a positive college experience; we aim to assist parents in their endeavor to gather any important information that enables them to help their students succeed at USP.

Get Excellence

Get Involved - helps students to learn about all of the amazing student organization and involvement opportunities on campus

Get Smart - teaches the skills needed to succeed academically and connects students to the resources that can support them thought out their USP experiences

Get Diversified - helps students learn about the rich USP campus culture and the many experiences fellow students will bring to the table.

Get Real - Teaches about integrity and ethical decisions making, equipping students to handle difficult situations that come their way.

Get Savvy - helps students learn how to manage finances , apply for scholarships and understand TELS process.

Get To Work - shows students how to find major, connect to career goals and find opportunities to enhance their resumes while in college.

Get Healthy - helps identify all of the resources available for students related to physical, emotional ,spiritual and sexual health.

Get Global - shows how students are involved in community, from developing sustainability initiatives to volunteering on campus and in community.

Get it all Together - brings together all of the other Ultimate USP student components and shows students how they can apply this knowledge after successfully completing their first year.



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