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Jovilisi Qoroya

NAME: Jovilisi Uluigaloa Qoroya

Country [of origin]: Fiji

Program: BA-1998, PGD Mgmt. / Public Admin 2010, MA Commerce 2011


Briefly reflect on your student life at USP A very active student life. Being a member of the University Rugby Team, Member of the USP Christian Fellowship, Member of the Fijian students Rep to the USP SA. Member of the USP Rugby Team in the Inter Tertiary and Suva Rugby Competition. Student Rep to the USP Senate, Student Rep to the USP Research Committee

Greatest achievement[s] as a student Graduating with a First Degree and then PGD and eventually Masterís degree

Career Highlights since Graduation Being promoted to Executive Officer, Administrative Officer and to my current position as Senior Administrative Officer at the Public Services Commission

What inspires you? My children

Advice to current/future students? Nothing is impossible. There is no substitute for hard work

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