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T-shirt Registration for Vice Chancellor's Foreshore Walk

As part of the activities for USP Health Week 2014, Campus Life is pleased to bring you the Vice Chancellor's Foreshore Walk.

This organised walk along the Nasese Foreshore is for staff, students and families. If you would like to take part and you are USP staff, you will be pleased to know that to support this event the Vice Chancellor has agreed to allow Non-Academic and Non-Essential staff finish at 4pm on the provision that you seek permission from your supervisor first.


The details for the Vice Chancellor's Foreshore Walk are as follows:

DATE:                  Monday: May 12th

TIME:                   4:00pm: Participants assemble at the Pacific Studies lawn

                                          (across from the Oceania Centre)

                            4:15pm: Stretches and warm up session to be taken by a

                                           Fitness Centre Coordinator

                            4:20pm: Walk to begin through USP Back Gate


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