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Dr. Gurmeet Singh


Position: Associate Professor

Email: gurmeet.singh(at)

Phone: +679-3232464

Room: S244

Winner of the 2016 Amity Global Academic Excellence Award


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Dr. Gurmeet Singh is an Associate Professor in Management at School of Management and Public Administration, The University of the South Pacific, Fiji. He has over 20 years of experience in teaching, research, consultancy and executive training for industries. He held teaching and research assignments at various universities in India and Africa. He has wide range of teaching and research experience, and has not only taught but developed various courses in the area of marketing and management both at graduate and undergraduate levels.

He has contributed more than 100 articles in leading International journals and International conferences including more than 40 articles in ABDC and other ranked international journals. Dr. Singh is editor of Journal of Pacific Studies an ABDC ranked Journal and an associate editor for ABDC ranked Journal of Global Marketing (Taylor Francis). He is also member of Editorial Review Board for Journal of Business Research, a top tier (A ranked) Journal published by Elsevier. He is the recipient of 2008 ‘Japan’s outstanding research on development Award’ and 2016 ‘Amity Global Academic Excellence Award’. Amity Global Academic award was based on his impeccable academic background and contribution in the field of education and research.  He has done a number of consulting projects for Training and Productivity Authority of Fiji (TPAF), Fiji Public Service Commission and PICPA. He has won research grants from major funding agencies including PARDI, GDN, ODN and USP SRT and FRC funding. His current research interests include Social Entrepreneurship, Project Management, business ethics, Food security and Food consumption behavior, e-Governance for improving service quality, open innovation and service operations management.



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