USP Lautoka Campus

USP Lautoka Campus

USP Lautoka Students Make the Most of the Director’s Open Forum

The students of USP Lautoka had a heartening and fruitful discussion with the Campus Director and management staff during a student forum on Wednesday, 21 May 2014.

Held at the Campus, the one hour forum was aimed at hearing the concerns and feedback of students whilst also briefing them on relevant and important information.

The open forum was hosted by the Campus Director, Dr. Pramila Devi, who addressed few important issues and complaints received by her office from both the students and staff. She also briefed the students on some major rules and regulations of the Campus which the students need to abide by.

Dr. Devi also announced that a disciplinary committee is being set up to deal with students violating the regulations of the Campus and also urged them not to hesitate seeking counseling services and other forms of assistance if required.

She told the students that the learning culture at the university level was much different to that of the high school and some students found it difficult to cope with this change.

“I understand some students are unable to manage this change or the freedom in a responsible way,” she said.

“As it is said, with freedom comes responsibility, university learning culture requires students to be responsible for their learning. USP Lautoka attempts to provide assistance to students so they can adjust to and manage the change. This is done through numerous means and one of them is orientation at the beginning of the semester.”

The students did not hesitate to voice out their concerns and issues they encountered in their courses or with the staff which Dr. Devi took note of and students were assured that all matters would be carefully looked into and resolved at the earliest possible.

Dr. Devi also urged the students to come forward with their problems which needed urgent attention so they could be addressed by the respective departments, rather than holding back and letting them develop into bigger issues.

Overall it was a very productive forum which received good feedback from both parties.

The session concluded with refreshments.

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