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Matio Lonalona

Name: Matio Lonalona 

Country: Tuvalu

Program: Bachelor of Arts [2012] Postgraduate Diploma in Agriculture [2013]

Briefly reflect on your student life.
Student life at USP was interesting, fun and enjoyable. Meeting with new students, new faces and friends at USP was amazing. Social activities, sports and recreational, family fun day and other school activities was remarkable and help students to engage and participate in all activities.

Greatest achievement as a student?
Being chosen as the president for the USPSA Alafua Campus.

Career Highlights since graduation.
Being a civil servant and working for the Tuvalu government

Who / What do you credit your success to?
What inspires you. I credit my success at USP to my wife, relatives, friends and colleagues.

Advise to current / future students?
Use the opportunity wisely

How do you think USP helped you in your career?
By enhancing your skills, knowledge and experience to face challenges.

Where to you see yourself in 10 years time?
In a senior government position

What advise would you give to future / current student?
Aim high and always follow your ambition




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