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Name : Lensley Livu Bani Kwiri

Country : Vanuatu

Programme and year graduated : Bachelor of Arts ( Geography, Population Studies and Demography) in 1998.

Why did you choose this field of study? My interest in geography builds on from my secondary school days and getting to explore the world out there makes it more interesting.

Briefly reflect on your student life at USP? Vibrant, dynamic and exotic. I was involved in so many uni activities ranging from social, religious and academic and having the chance to visit many interesting places in Fiji was awesome.

Greatest achievement as a student? Being part of the inter tertiary sports, fields trips to fijian villages, making friends with students from different cultures.

Career highlights since graduation? After 6 months of teaching, I was appointed deputy principal at a senior secondary school. Two years later, I was posted to tutor Social Science at the Vanuatu Institute of Teacher Education [VITE] and later moved on to serve as an Assessment Officer at the Vanuatu Ministry of Education Examination and Assessment Unit. I also moved on to pursue postgraduate studies in educational assessment and evaluation at the University of Melbourne.

Who / what do you credit your success to? What inspires you? My two lectures Prof. Randy Thaman and Prof. Patrick Nunn.

How do you think USP helped you in your career? The multi-ethnic study atmosphere at Laucala campus and the vibrant diversity of USP motivated me in my learning.

Describe any challenge you faced since graduation? Neopotism at work

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time? I still have this enthusiasm to complete my Masters and PhD if God permits. And of course once this is done, I will retire to my village.

What advise would you give to current / future students of USP? Make the most of your study opportunity

What has your involvement been with USP since graduation? Tutor at Emalus campus

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