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Dr. Joeli Veitayaki

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Joeli Veitayaki is an Associate Professor at the School of Marine Studies. He is also Director for the International Ocean Institute Pacific Islands based at the USP and is Co-Chair of the Korea-South Pacific Ocean Forum. He is a trained teacher who did his Bachelor of Arts in Education and Masters of Arts studies at USP. He obtained his PhD in Environment Management and Development from the National Centre of Development Studies (NCDS) at the Australian National University. Apart from teaching, Joeli conducts research in different parts of Fiji and the Pacific Island Countries with partners from USP and abroad to promote the sustainable use and management of marine resources. He has written articles and books on the importance of subsistence and artisanal fisheries, indigenous knowledge and traditional resources management systems, culture, capacity building, climate change, disaster risk reduction, community based resource management, sustainable development and Law of the Sea, maritime transport and regional cooperation in the Pacific Islands. He also has worked as a trainer and researcher in most of the Pacific Island Countries as well as in Australia, Canada, Malta, USA, South Africa, Portugal, Japan, France, Norway, Korea, Scotland and the Caribbean.


Current Research Program


Maintain sustained long-term research programs in marine studies and promote excellent, consequential and multidisciplinary scientific research , which is new, appropriate and transformative at the regional and international levels.


  • Address multidisciplinary scientific issues relating Pacific Islands, culture, environment and biodiversity.
  • Demonstrate the sustainable use and effective governance of natural resources in the PIC’s for the simultaneous advancement, prosperity and development of people and the conservation of their rich biodiversity and environment.
  • Promote human resources capable of generating excellent scientific data and information for making informed and rational decisions based on factual evidence for the welfare of people and nature in the PICs.
  • Increase the visibility of university research and to inform the public about its importance for the management and conservation of natural resources in PICs.
  • Attract more local and international students to conduct research and knowledge creation in marine studies in the Pacific Islands.

Joeli’s research focus is on improving understanding of the ocean in the Pacific Islands; sustainably developing and managing the use of ocean resources in the Pacific region; maintaining the health of the Pacific Ocean; promoting peaceful use of the sea in the Pacific Islands; improving ocean governance in the Pacific Islands region and creating partnerships and cooperation within the Pacific Islands and beyond.


Current Research Objectives

  • leading community based research and training on sustainable development, rehabilitation and adaptation to global challenges appropriate for Pacific Islands
  • conduct resource use surveys that help in the compilation of information that can be useful to decision makers in Pacific Island Countries
  • support national, regional and global initiatives for better management of marine resources and the marine environment in the region
  • advocate for improved relation with and the conservation of the marine environment and resources
  • promote tertiary education and training in different fields of marine studies
  • document and share innovative research results to better represent the unique situation in Small Island Developing States in the Pacific region.


Publications from 2014 to 2018

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