Emalus Campus

Emalus Campus

USP Open Day 2014 is underway!

This year's Open Day has begun at Emalus campus! Come and see all the presentations with this year's theme: "USP -- Shaping Your Future".

Below are photos from this year's event (click on any photo to enlarge).


Torani (Tokelau, Cook Islands, Niue) law students
Samoan students' parade float
Tongan students' parade float
Vanuatu Law Students Association's parade float
Micronesian students (Nauru, Marshall Islands, FSM) in the quadrangle
Solomon Islands students
Students from Samoa and the Solomon Islands
Vanuatu DFL students
Local secondary students in the public speaking competition
Activities offered by the new Emalus Confucius Institute
Musikom competition
Fiji students
Solomon Islands students
Moot court competition
Open Day parade onlookers at the Port Vila market hall
Nettie Collins, our MC
Fiji students' parade float
Solomon Islands students' parade float
Tuvaluan students' parade float
Kiribati and Fiji students in the quadrangle
Samoan students enter the quadrangle
Tongan students
Vanuatu law students
USP students gathered on the quadrangle
Visitors to the library
Nagol (land-diving platform) constructed by Vanuatu law and DFL students
Visitors eagerly watch the students' cultural performances
Vanuatu students
Samoan students
Torani parade float
Children learn how to form Chinese characters

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