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Name: Rennier Gadabu

Country: Nauru

Programme: Bachelor in Agriculture



Ambitious, determined and confident are just some of the words that come to mind when describing Nauruan born Rennier Stanislaus Gadabu.Bachelor of Agriculture

“After graduating with a Bachelor in Agriculture in 2012, the new challenge I saw was in climate change, so I decided to enrol for the Postgraduate Diploma in Climate Change and I have not regretted my decision” he said.

In Nauru, climate change is real.

A report by Adaptation Partnership indicates that the main climate change vulnerabilities in Nauru are sea level rise and the effect that an increase in temperature will have on marine resources and already stressed water and vegetative resources. Additionally, because of environmental degradation, Nauru is already experiencing coastal erosion and declines in the productivity of its coral reef systems. Water scarcity is already affecting human health.

Now employed as the Principal Quarantine Officer for the Quarantine Division in the Department of Justice & Border Control, for the Republic of Nauru, Gadabu is currently on a fellowship programme funded and organised by the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) at the Nauru Mission to the United Nations in New York.

The fellowship programme is for 12 months and will finish in February 2015. Gadabu joins other Nauruans that are championing the cause for Climate Change including Ambassador Moses (Chair for AOSIS), Margo Deiye (lead negotiator for G77 & China in sustainable development) and Lara Daniel who is the current second secretary.

“I am training to be a climate change negotiator but I am not only dealing with science, which I am very familiar with, but also with policy, economic and sustainable development, which are crucial for the effectiveness of the science behind climate change”, said Gadabu.

A negotiators role is very important as they represent their country in international negotiations related to climate change.

“This fellowship training has really broadened my capacity and I have gained a lot from the AOSIS Team. I am not a negotiator yet, but I hope to become one very soon so I can really justify the science behind climate change, and make it more politically acceptable” he continues.

When asked about his long term goals, Gadabu said “I do not want to be just part of the crew within the climate change community, but I would rather like to see myself becoming a leader within the climate change community. A leader that will cause positive change for the benefits of my people, and most importantly, a leader who will merge the science of climate change with political will.

I am saying this because based from my observation so far at the highest level of climate change negotiations, political will is the missing vibe to a better future for us all. If I can merge these two, then I am very keen that the issues that are currently arising at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) can be addressed accordingly and bring about a sustainable future for all”.





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